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Friday Love List

As per Meg over at today is do your ultimate love list. All those things that just make the passing of time all that much better. Here we go:

  • The whole family (Mom, Dad & of course Husband)
  • Sandy (Mom & Dad’s dog) & Duke & Cooler
  • Pretty much any dog I’ve met (especially Labs)
  • Going home for Christmas Holidays
  • The moment Simon walks in the door at night
  • The smell of lilacs in the summer
  • Hitting that snooze button one too many times
  • My new box of Optico eyeglass cleaners
  • The coziness of crawling into bed at night and when you wake up in the morning after having a super awesome sleep
  • Mornings when Simon wakes up before me and cuddles up to wake me up
  • Our (mine and the hubbans) totally compatible geekiness
  • Daily pictures of Chuck and now Coco
  • Warm hand knitted slippers
  • Finishing something I’ve knitted (currently a scarf, next a place-mat)
  • Our fishies
  • Watching the squirrels play outside
  • A nice long hot shower
  • Reading in the bathroom (sorry if that’s too much information)
  • Fresh strawberries in the summer
  • Chilliwack corn on the cob
  • Clothes that make you feel sexy
  • A husbands that always tells me I look sexy
  • Our panini machine
  • The conversations with my half asleep husband (watch out for the purple monkey man)
  • Having Mom here for three days
  • Being the one that knows more about computers
  • The warmth of freshly dried laundry
  • Sleeping on newly washed sheets
  • Getting the apartment to the perfect cozy temperature
  • and, finally just being and living a life that makes me happy

I’m sure there’s many things that I’ve forgotten but these are definitely the biggies.

It’s Back

OK the new theme is back, spent a little time updating things today.  If there is any viewing issues just let me know.

aka; the biggest pain in the ass website to use, in both IE and Firefox.

Also, gone back to my previous theme until I finish working on the new one.

New Theme

Currently a work in progress – please stand by.

The New Year

Well tax season is just starting to ramp up again for another year or what Simon and I like to refer to as the season to buy new toys. This year on the agenda we have decided on getting ourselves a Nikon D40x (woohoo). I’ve also recently decided to finally in invest in an ipod, I think I’m going for the Ipod touch. Woohoo Christmas is coming early this year.