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A Whole New Level

Well as of yesterday and therefore my email inbox has hit a whole new level of spammy annoyingness. I loaded up Thunderbird after not having checked my email for a couple of hours and was shocked to see that it was about to download 438 pending email messages. Holy Crap. I let it run for a while and came back to see what sort of shenanigans where a foot. Every single one of those 400 emails was one of those undeliverable error messages, the ones when you send to the wrong email addy because you can’t type properly.

The only problem being that I certainly did not send out 400 emails to people I don’t know. After a little investigating I’ve determined that some asshat is sending out spam and using a random address in the reply-to field, so when it bounces from whatever server he/she’s been sending it to it ends up in my fricking inbox.

Very annoying and I have absolutely no idea how to make it stop or to even begin to figure out where it’s coming from. Today I got a conformation from photobucket letting me know I had successfully uploaded a photo. I thought that was interesting considering I don’t have a photobucket account. I checked that one out to and the same asshat (I’m assuming) used another @dauray email address to create a photobucket account and upload one of their damn buy our drugs photos.

Up to this point with our domains I’ve left on the option whereby if an email comes in addressed to whatever at that isn’t one of our established email accounts it’s just forwarded anyways. If this doesn’t stop I believe I’ll be turning that option off soon. The only problem is that I’ve registered/signed up for a few things here and there using random email address because I didn’t want to give away my good ones but knew that I would get it anyways. We’ll have to wait and see is this spam keeps up first, and then try and track down if there’s any real email that I’m receiving that are a result of those bogus email addresses that I’ve used. Wish me luck.

Ok enough complaining, sorry for the long absence, I’ll try to be better, and WooHoo go Jordin!!