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The Easy way to Peel an Egg

Must go boil an egg and try this.

I So Want One

Cute Little Dancing Squishy Dude

Totally mesmerizing.

The New Do

The New Do, originally uploaded by slide_76.


Lovin’ the new do. Just ignore the glaring white, non-tanned back.

More Timmy’s Greatness

I got my favorite question again today at Tim Horton’s

Me: I’d like … and a diet coke in a bottle.

Clueless Counter Girl: would you like the diet coke in a can or a bottle.

I really had a hard time not laughing at her. I still don’t understand why they can’t get that whole statement in one shot.

Tax Season !!!!

Tax Season has hit!

Very busy,

need more sleep.

A lunch break would be nice.

Snow in March, Seriously!!