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Mini Thought

I do believe I shall spend this weekend as Mrs. Frog!  Things to do at home when you are bored.

What’s Up

Well as Jesi pointed out in my last post I’ve changed themes more than I’ve actually posted in the last month. I can’t help myself I keep finding new themes that I like so I have to try them out. I’ve gone back to the white theme for a while again because it’s setup and does what I would like it too.

Wooaahh Cool, post auto save. How exciting. I upgraded to Wordpres 2.1 when it first came out and this is the first post since then and now it’s auto-saving every two minutes. It puts a little line of text telling me when that last time it’s saved, awesome. “Saved at 7:50:30.”

Apparently I should not be writing posts after my getting home from my first full week of tax season, definitely rambling incoherently.

On that note, I’ll try and be a better poster tomorrow. Later.

Saved at 7:54:28, hehe.