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Mini Thought

Laughing my ass off. #1313 Benumbed hot vegetables fries fuck silk. Engrish Menu, definitely worth reading.

2006 Christmas Observations

The Prince George Airport is not quite as sophisticated as the Vancouver Airport as demonstrated by the Tractor (yes a tractor, a green one!) pulling our luggage to the airplane.

When you use your most favorite t-shirts to ensure the pasta maker makes it home safely try and remember that before sending your husband on a mad search through the bedroom.

It doesn’t matter how many times we say no, Mom will continue to download those screen savers. This leading to at least a days worth of computer clean up when where in town.

What is the extra security advantage of putting my lighter in a ziploc baggy, seriously!

You, yes you, do not need extra time to board the plane, wait patiently like everybody else. Trust me they’re not going to leave without you.

The Walls Speak Humpback

Cool Title Huh? I’m not one for titles when blogging but this one warrants mentioning. Thank You.

Alright now that everyone is confused I shall explain. 1. We live in a building that is hot-water heated. 2. Remember the scene from Finding Nemo where Dory is speaking Humpback and 3. Put those together with a hot water heating system that is in desperate need of bleeding and you know what it sounds like around here.

It’s definitely been musical around here the last day or two with everyone cranking up their heaters. There’s a constant whining background noise that randomly changes pitch and tone whenever it pleases. Also, every once in a while it gets really excited and gets louder and creepier making sounds like howling ghosts are living in our walls. Now add to this the fact that random neighbors can’t figure out it’s the pipes and keep knocking on walls thinking it’s someone else doing it and you get an idea of the winter wonderland that is our world.

Still Here…

We’re still here, I haven’t really had a whole lot of desire to post. Christmas was awesome, cold, but awesome. Happy New Years to All. Tax season is ramping up again. That’s about it.