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Mini Thought

A beautiful post by Meg Fowler, a reminder of what Christmas is really about. It’s long but definitely worth reading.

Stupid Mistake

When writing your final exam it is probably not the best idea to forget to do the one thing that your teacher has mentioned at least 27 times not to forget. Oh Yeah leave it to me to do that exact thing. I was out the door about three minutes when it hit me and I was like “SHIT.” Now I’ve got to wait until Tuesday to find out how many points that mistake is going to cost me, I think at the worst it could be 15%. Dammmmmiiitttt. The whole way home I kept saying to myself “I can’t believe I did that, shit.

Otherwise I think I nailed it.

UPDATE: We got our results back today and I still managed to get 91%. I got everything else correct, so fortunately my mistake didn’t hurt quite as much as I thought it would, phew!!!. Still frustrated that I forgot that one step.

Mini Thought

A well written article on the inadequate theory of the customer always being right.

Mini Thought

An excellent post by Meg Fowler on those annoying internet assholes. Definitely worth reading.


I made the mistake of perusing the online Payless Shoes store yesterday only to be delighted by all the new and awesome styles they’re selling. They seem to have moved out of the icky shoe phase that was apparent the last time I visited. Here’s some last minute Christmas ideas for me:


and maybe these

wouldn’t wear these much but I still want them

and these look fun too.

Mini Thought

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Convert Text to Binary and Back


Here’s a few of the songs that I must listen to at least once over the holidays

Porky Pig – Blue Christmas
[audio:Porky Pig - Blue Christmas.mp3]

The Irish Rover – Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
[audio:Rovers - Grandma.mp3]

Alvin and the Chipmunks – Please Christmas Don’t be Late
[audio:Alvin Christmas.mp3]

Celine Dion – Petit Pappa Noel
[audio:Celine Dion - Petit Papa Noel.mp3]

Crash Test Dummies – The First Noel
[audio:Crash Test Dummies - The First Noel.mp3]

Smear Wallpaper

I created a funky wallpaper today, it turned out so neat (in my opinion anyways) so I figured I’d share. It’s available in just about any size you could possible need.


Available Sizes:


And it Begins…

In and email from Mom yesterday,

The Christmas lights are on – yahoo. Next week we get the tree – double yahoo. Tonight I prepared the X-mas cookies – triple yahoo. “Oh what fun it is to bake, in a two dog house of cheers.”

LoL, See what we go through every Christmas.

Near…..Far !!!!

We’ll just continue with our YouTube day, here’s a Sesame Street classic.

There was this guy who sat behind me in class at CNC used to do an awesome Grover imitation, cracked me up all the time. That and the Monty Python squeaky drafting table, but that’s another story.

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