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Winter Storm

Well that was definitely a nice quick winter storm, feels like spring out there today, just when I was starting to feel like I was back in Prince George it warmed up once again reminding me why I love the weather down here. Yesterday: freezing cold and ice, Today: much melting and drippyness.

As you can see I’ve re-orged the site again, I just can’t help myself. This was the first time in a while that I spent quite a bit of time on a theme instead of just installing it and then turning it on. The original layout was a lot thinner and didn’t come with sideblog plugin all ready to go. And of course we’ve got snowflakes now, I may change the plugin I’m using the one Simon’s got as he’s got better/bigger snowflakes on his Christmas Memories site with more control over flake size and color.

Tomorrow is December 1st, the day Dad and I officially let Mom and Simon go Christmas crazy (not that we have much control before that but we like to pretend we do) so there should be much Christmassing this weekend and some definite Grinching on our part but as long as we keep to our separate corners nobody should get hurt.

I have no idea what we’re doing with Alfie (our Christmas tree) this year, the current option open for suggestion is the kitchen table that separates the kitchen and computer area, that’s tells you how much stuff we’ve got crammed into our little hole in the wall. We may just have to wait until we get up to PG to enjoy a Christmas tree. We’ll see how things go this weekend.

Later, off to go and hide the Christmas decorations on Simon. He He Grinch He He.

Mini Thought

In honor of all the wonderful snow dumped on us here in Vancouver the last few days there’s now snowflakes floating around this blog. They’re blue and small but trust me they’re there.

Mini Thought

These are my new mini-thoughts. Not quite long enough for a full post but still worth mentioning.

Big Fluffy Flakes

It’s SNOWING, weeeee!!

Word for the Day

Obstreperous: Boisterously and noisily aggressive. Noisily and stubbornly defiant.

Worry of the Day

Why is it I’ve craved and eating more pasta since the water advisory was issued then in the many months prior in which I wanted nothing to do with pasta?

Ever Changing Wallpapers/Themes

I think it’s time to officially apologize to any readers exasperated by the fact that my WordPress themes are constantly changing. I get bored with wallpapers quite quickly, you should see how often my desktop wallpapers change. My current wallpapers folder has about 1500 pics in it because I not only love fresh new wallpapers on an almost daily basis but I’m also a pack rat and even though I don’t generally re-use one a second time I can’t make myself delete them.

One of the RSS feeds that I’m currently receiving is from the WordPress Theme Viewer site so every time there’s a new theme I have a look at it and once in a while I find one that’s worthwhile using.

My sincere apologies if I’m driving you people nutty but that’s just the way I be, you’ll have to bear with me.

Vancouver Water

I now possess and actual excuse for not doing dishes. If we’re not supposed to drink, brush our teeth or wash fruits and veg then I’m definitely against what’s left on our dishes from washing them.

(Simon’s still not buying it)

Linz: hope you were able to find some water today, apparently shoppers on Broadway was sold out this evening. I’m guessing this is happening all over Vancouver.

Back For A Pass

Back For A Pass, originally uploaded by Bobd-pg.

An excellent review of one of Dad’s photos just went up on The Radiant Vista, go and have a look everyone. Bob From Canada.

Well Done Dad.

$10 Million Dreams

Ahhhh the things we could do with that much money, the possibilities are endless but here’s some of my top choices. The idea for this post wasn’t mine I came across it here and here, both of which are worth taking a look at.

  • Do something fun like going down to Broadway station for a day and hand out monthly passes to everyone you see, because riding the bus sucks or go downtown and hand out $100 to everyone that you see.
  • Buy ourselves a gorgeous house with an awesome kitchen.  It must overlook the ocean, Point Grey/Kitsilano area would be nice.  The more I think about it the I think I could probably just spend most of it on real estate if we tried.  It would also be great to get Mom & Dad a house down here as well as paying off their house in PG and getting ourselves something up there.  I’m not sure how much we’d spend up in PG but why not.
  • Give some to family and friends, of course.
  • Help out as many charities as we can.
  • Cars: there’s just so many vehicles that between the four of us (Me, Simon, Mom & Dad)that we could buy, too many to list, but oh the fun we could have shopping for them.
  • Buy some land for the Dog farm the Mom has always wanted to have.  Help as many as we can and then a few more.
  • Get a couple of dogs of our own.
  • Build and awesomely huge aquarium at our house.
  • Do some traveling, a European vacation would be fun, visit England, France and finally make my way to the town of Auray like I’ve always wanted to.
  • Buy the best Nikon D-whatever and take up photography on a serious basis.
  • Hire a maid and chef, because cleaning sucks and cooking is only fun once in a while.

Well that’s probably a good enough list to get started.  Feel free to add your own in the comments (that is if anybody still reads this).  Keep in mind that a lot of this would happen after we’d invested the majority of the winnings so as to set up an income with which to live off of and have fun dreaming about all the things you’d like to buy.

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