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Going Pink for October


Have a look at this site, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month there’s a movement to get bloggers to go pink for October.

I found a nice pink theme here and will probably tweak that for October.

Once is enough People!!!

It’s pet peeve time again and I can’t remember if I’ve ranted about this before but I’m going to do it again anyways.

It’s about the crosswalk buttons people, once is enough damnit. It’s works if you press it just ONCE. To those of you out there that feel that by pressing is repeatedly or pounding on it as hard as you can will make the light change faster, stop it, it’s annoying. Oh and now they’ve started installing these new ones in Vancouver that beep, those are fun, now instead of just hearing bam bam bam you get a beep-beep beep-beep beep-beep…. AAAaaarrrggghhhh.

Oh and one other crosswalk peeve of mine is if it’s me or anybody else for that matter is standing waiting to cross the street there’s a darn good chance that we’ve already pressed the crosswalk button. Apparently people are under the impression that the rest of us Vancouverites are idiots and if they hadn’t come up behind me/us and pressed the button again then that darn crosswalk light would have just never ever changed.

Pheww, OK I’m done now.

Skirt Time

Yesterday I went into work about an hour early because I had decided that it was time to make some more skirts and that I was going to go shopping before work. I currently only have about 2-3 skirts that I wear on a regular basis and thought it was about time that I made some more now that I’ve got my own spiffy new sewing machine.

The fabric store of choice was Rokko Sarees & Fabrics located at 6201 Fraser Street. I’d been there before and knew they had quite a bit of selection and the handy part was that they were only about a block and a half away from work. I spent about a half an hour perusing fabrics and after finding out the the selection that I was looking were only $5-$6 per yard I decided on five different patterns. I had originally only decided to pick up two or three colors but I couldn’t pass up the prices (I also couldn’t narrow it down to just two or three). The lady that ended up helping me was so nice and while one lady was cutting my material the first one would go off and find thread to match the one that had just been cut (she’s got a good eye for color).

While I was paying for everything I got talking to the man that (from what I understand) owns Rokko and found out that this store has been around for over 30 years, that’s just amazing in this day of big box retailers eating up the little guys. We talked a bit more and he informed me that he’s the third generation in his family to be working in the textile industry. His grandfather originally worked in the textile industry in Japan then his father brought it to Canada and opened up Rokkos who then passed it on to him. It was a nice little story and as I was leaving I mentioned that I’d been in once before and that I would probably be back and he surprised me saying that he remembered me being in before. I can’t remember how long ago that was but I’d have to say at least 6 months to year (Linz might remember).

So today being my first day off in two weeks I’m going to be just sewing my little butt off, I’ll have to post some pics later.

Poor Sleepy Simon

Hubby was so tired last night he fell asleep leaning against the wall, I only had enough time to get a shot with my palm pilot before he woke up again.


Best Buy Paris

Now I’m not one to usually harp on the celebs but I just thought this picture of Paris Hilton standing beside the Best Buy sign was fricking hilarious!!! I’ll let you all use your imaginations.


I really shouldn’t post this but I couldn’t resist!

The Consumerist HRB Article

Birthday Time !!!!!!

3 zero

The big three-0 this year, ssshhhh don’t tell anyone!

Birthday cards I’ve received from unlikely sources: (only two so far)
1. Liquid Web (where is hosted)
2. Webshots (that was more of a marketing thing letting me know I get a discount on my birthday)

Cards From People who count: (so far – almost two hours past midnight)
1. Linz (yup your first Linz, woohoo)
2. Mom, Dad, Duke, Sandy & Uruku (Mom’s fish sitting) – I got both and on line and a snail mail card
3. And finally of course I got an awesome care from Hubby

Thanks to all of you, I love ‘em.

Mom & Dad sent me a gift that had 30 little presents in it, I’m going to line them up and get some shots later. I want to show off the stuff Hubby got me too. I’ll probably upload to flickr and add some notes to everything.

Gift giving me the most enjoyment right now: making the fish think the laser pointer is food and having them chase it around the tank, lol.

Recent Search Strings

Just for something fun let’s look at my stats info for my most recent search strings.

“Maxine cartoon” – I posted one cartoon many months ago and this has been my highest hitter since then. View Post

quizzes of would rather – ok then. View Posts

frying eggs on car hoods – very messy, don’t think it would taste that good either. Same Link as quizzes of would rather

trouble entering pin at icoke – apparently it’s not just me. View Post

trazy velcro – ?????? View Post

Countdown Plugin

Check out the new countdown plugin I’ve added to my sidebar.  Obtainable here.


Well I’m only a week behind but I finally took the time to upload our pictures from the HSBC Celebration of Lights show we went and saw last weekend. We didn’t actually go right downtown but found a spot on Broadway where you could see them. There was a few other people that showed up at the same area but I’m sure it was nowhere near as crowded had we gone downtown. This was the first time taking fireworks with our camera and the fireworks setting did a pretty good job. So aside from the pole that we didn’t really notice at the time we go some halfway decent shots. Head over to my latest flickr group set and have a look. We also took some video that turned out pretty good, I’ll see about post that on here too.

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