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Mug Shots Meme

I came across a Mug Shots meme and being the person that doesn’t usually go for the whole meme thing I liked this one and decided to go with it.


OK before you all start on the comments I know it’s not a mug but I don’t drink coffee so I don’t use mugs. I drink a whole lot of diet coke though and this is my favorite glass. I bought (read: mom paid for it but I ended up with it) it as a set from Avon many many years ago. The one glass that’s left has a pewter bear on it and the other one had a wolf. I liked them so much when I got them that I didn’t use them, they just sat in the box they came in so that I wouldn’t ever break them, don’t worry I eventually came to realize the silliness of this concept. Several years ago when the Okanagan was dealing with the massive wild fires that hit that area there was a lady on the news one night who’s house had just been burned to the ground and her piece of advice was “use your good china ever day because you never know when it’s going to be gone.” The next time a came across the box of glasses I finally pulled them out of the box and started using them. And of course what I feared happened and Simon accidentally dropped one of them one day and it shattered (I made him keep the pewter wolf though) so now I enjoy the one that’s left even more. Well that’s my favorite glass story, please share your stories.

Interviewing Tips

…most of our conversations have focused on how that person would fit in with the rest of the department.

Just another insight for those of us out there who struggle with the interview. Read the full post over at The Fountain Pen

Head Illusion

Jeez even if you pause the video your brain won’t let you see it as hollow.

Baby Beluga

I was perusing around through my numerous RSS feeds today when I came across a mention of Raffi – Baby Beluga and I couldn’t help but track down the song and have a listen for old times sake. It’s funny how a song can transport you back to a certain time and place. As I was listening (and yes tearing up a little bit) I could remember sitting is Mom and Dad’s spare room with the sun shining in and listening to Baby Beluga over and over again on my little portable record player. Now that I think about it Mom & Dad must have been awfully tired of listening to the songs on that record. If any of you have similar Raffi induced childhood memories, then please do share.

[audio:Raffi - Baby Beluga.mp3]

More Messing with my Head

Well I’m just going to stop saying anything about stuff that hasn’t happened in a while or wondering when stuff is going to happen because it’s just getting creepy now.

Me: We haven’t seen any raccoons this year, a lot of skunks but no raccoons!
Hubby: Actually I saw two so far, they went by talking to each other one morning.

Not even five minutes after that a flippin raccoon walks by. We’d just gotten inside after our smoke when the light came on and sure enough there he was. I don’t know who’s listening or how they’re doing it but it’s just starting to freak me out now.

New Audio Player

Testing out the audio player from 1pixelout

Song Test:

[audio:Feist - Let It Die - 02 - Mushaboom.mp3]

And a sound clip to keep you amused: