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The Family Stone

Wow a whole lot of posting today! We just finished watching The Family Stone. It was totally not what I was expecting it to be but turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it. Warning you will need some Kleenexes nearby so be prepared.

More Typos from 24 Hrs.

This is a good one. You can download todays copy and have a look for yourself.


Ya gotta watch out for that “Wheat Crap

Simon’s Hair

Then: (this past christmas)

Simon & Sandy

and now: (well a month ago anyways)

The New Monitor

You Decide?

Another Test

More playing with feedburner.

Any ideas as to why when I use my wordpress RSS feed the images show up in my thunderbird but when I use the feedburner feed they don’t?


I found a totally awesome site today (see post title), had me laughing my ass off. It consists solely of cartoons created to those wonderful spam sayings we see. Mostly I get them here on my blog, not so much in my email. If you haven’t stumbled across this site yet go and take a look, if you already have then why the heck haven’t I been told, I’ve been missing out here. I always assumed that the mixture of words that spammers use just enables them to search and find the sites that spam gets through on, if that’s true then can you just imagine the amount of spam this site must get! Of course, now that I think about it, that must just help them out.

This one had me laughing the hardest: It’s called Your Dog Will Love It!


Feedburner Test

Playing around with the feedburner feed stuff.


A few days ago me and hubby were discussing the potency level of the skunk scent. We agreed we didn’t really know how strong the scent is when it hits our apartment in relation to how far away the spray occurred. Now that I think about it this post falls under the messing with my head category again. The night before this conversation we we lying in bed and the smell slowly permeated our apartment and got quite strong. I’ve come to realize that I’m not able to sleep comfortably until I get up and and check the apartment to just double check that Mr. Skunk has not somehow infiltrated our apartment and is currently walking around stinking this place up, not to mention heading for our bedroom. So up I got and did a quick visual check to make sure the skunks hadn’t figured out how to open our patio door, and of course there was no skunk, back to bed I went.

Back to the messing with my head part of this post, last night the answer to the question of potency vs. distance was clearly presented to us. No we didn’t get sprayed but close enough. We’ve had a lot more skunks running by our balcony this year compared to previous years and they’re getting sneakier, scaring us more than a few times just his summer. Simon noticed two of them go running by on the street tails up which was followed by what sounds like skunks fighting, it wasn’t too loud though so I wasn’t sure. Now when we had first moved in and started having encounters with skunks I looked up some information and remember finding a site that had and audio clip of a pissed off skunk. That was the next sound that we heard, I recognized it right way and no sooner had the words “that’s a pissed off skunk” came out of my mouth we had our smokes out and we were heading back inside when the smell hit us. Wheeewww, I will let you know that skunk spray from 20-30 feet away is seriously powerful. We’re talking eye-watering-hard-time-breathing kinda stench, I can’t imagine and don’t ever want to have to deal with getting sprayed directly. Unfortunately the smell lingered for at least a couple of hours and was still there when we went to bed, fortunately is was gone by morning. So now that question is answered, 30 feet away, really freaking strong, the smell from the night before at least a half a block.

Messing with my Head

So we were sitting out on the balcony a couple of days ago and while looking at the ledge of our balcony I casually ask the hubby “how often do you think they repaint our balconies?” We’ve been here about three years now and its never happened so the paint is starting to peel and just doesn’t look all the great anymore. Hubby didn’t really have an answer so we just let it go. Not two days later we get a notice on our door that they’re going to be cleaning and painting all the balconies over the next couple of weeks and that they would give us a call when it was our turn. It’s just weird when that happens, so here’s a few before shots to be followed later on once their done the cleanup and painting.




I was getting myself some more Diet Coke today before I sat down to enjoy some CSI when I noticed on the bottle that I could win something by going to I’m not a big fan of their recent shift from look under the lid to enter a pin on line but every once in a while I get the urge to go and re-enter a code to see what happens. Problem #1: I have no idea what email and password I used to sign up with last time! So I tried their “forgot your password” link and that didn’t really result in anything fruitful so I moved on to just registering again. Problem #2: I hate having to register just to see if I’m a winner, a great way for them to collect marketing demographics but just an all out pain in the ass for us.

I reluctantly proceeded to enter in all the pertinent personal information that they require, like do they really need my phone number to send me my possible prize when they’ve already got my email and snail mail address, that’s one I usually fill with zero’s.

That final and most annoying problem: at the very bottom is one of those enter the word that you see so we know you’re a real person. I hate these frickin things. I don’t know if I’m just squiggly word challenged or I’m not capitalizing the right letters but I’ve had trouble with these things since day one. The seem to me to prevent real people from signing up more than anything, not to mention the frustration factor of having to try over and over again. Another thing that really gets my knickers in a twist is when it doesn’t work and the stupid password resets so here I am trying the squiggly word to work over and over again when it thinks I haven’t entered a password. Grrr, but I digress.


I don’t know if it’s a firefox issue but iCoke is not having anything to do with me being able to sign up today. I gave up after about 10 tries and decided to come and blog rant about it. I’m going to give IE a shot but since we got our new puters we upgraded to IE7 and seem to be experiencing the same issues with it that we see with firefox. I’m not even going to get started on the terrible frustration factor last week trying to install something as simple as Macromedia Flash Player, that’s a story for another blog post.

I think I’m gonna go back the the Sims, no stupid squiggly words to deal with.

Well it was definitely a firefox issue, it worked ok in IE7 and no I didn’t win anything but I’m now entered to win. Like that will ever happen.

The Sims and Barenaked Ladies

In honor of all the Sims 2 I’ve been playing lately here’s a little something to keep you busy. (not done by me of course)

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