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Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes, originally uploaded by ssklar.

Flickr Cuteness

146, originally uploaded by Raphael_Günther.

Man is he every a cutie.

One Pixel Line to Going Greek

Ok well in case the title of this post makes absulutely no sense to you, check out Linz’s newly created Anagram of Vancouver Transit system.  Well done Linz.

Flickr Cuteness Time

IMG_0600, originally uploaded by Birks.

Storm before the Calm

Storm before the Calm, originally uploaded by Rally_29.

Double Helix Bracelet


We may have to take a trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery this weekend and see if I can find myself one of these neat bracelets, they’ve got slinky bracelets too. I’m so excited.


Frickin’ Idiot

So I’m sitting here at work and this guy walks by with his kids and a dog. First off he’s yanking away on the dogs choke chain because obviously the dog isn’t being 100% obedient (looked OK to me) Then after the second unsuccessful yank on the choke chain he smacks the dog on the butt with the leash, not just any leash one of those hard plastic retractable ones. He hit this poor dog hard enough that I heard the thump inside here and then heard it again as he got further down the street. All I have to say is “What a frickin asshole,” no animal deserves that kind of treatment. Period. Maybe if you stopped trying to negatively reinforce the dogs training he might actually learn instead of just developing a fear toward you, not to mention teaching your two young children that it’s OK to hit animals. Gosh that really pisses me off, OK back to work, just had to vent. I didn’t think going out and hitting him with a hard plastic object would be productive for my health but I hope he gets what he deserves.

Spring Fling 2006

Well I’ve decided to join Linz in the Spring Fling 2006 spring cleaning before and after picture show. Last night I uploaded a whole wackload of before pics to flickr but then overnight decided to take them down. Instead of posting all the pics on flickr I’m going to use my blog and either have it as one long post or a bunch of smaller ones. The reason I got rid of the ones on flickr was just that I was a little uncomfortable posting them there and prefer to just keep them on my blog, I know there both still on the internet but I feel more comfortable with them on my blog then I did with them up on flickr.

I think I’m also going to eliminate a few of them, originally there was 58 and they showed everything that was wrong with our apartment, instead I’m just going to highlight the trouble areas that need fixing and leave the parts that pretty much have to be the way they are for a reason just as they are.

So keep your eyes open for all the forthcoming work I need to do to our apartment. I think I’m also going to try incorporating some pics of products that I think would help solve some problems, Ikea products of course.


Why do they make medicine for sick people so flippin complicated to get into, I’ve got a got (got to learn to type) what I meant to say was: I’m sick and am therefore not in the mood to first off go get the medicine but then I have to find some scissors and fight with it for another minute or so. Well that’s my rant for today.

Light Post Seats

What a cool little add on for city light posts and they’ve got to be cheaper to install than actual benches.

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