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Left-Handed Can Opener

Well I definitely need to get myself one of these.

Macro Leaf Mosaic

Macro Leaf Mosaic, originally uploaded by slide_76.

Cool little mosaic maker from Flagrant Disregard and my flickr pics.

Holy Frickin Spam Batman

Well I was excited when I got my first one and Linz warned it would get annoying I just didn’t expect it to jump up so fast. After that first one I was getting one or two a day and then it was like 3 or 4 then about 10, shortly after that we hit twenty and I just checked it today and there was 134, a hundred and frickin thirty four. Definitely time to look into to another option than just going through them all myself manually.

On an exciting note it looks like WordPress 2.0 is out so I’m looking forward to downloading it and seeing what cool new stuff it’s got going on.

That’s if for now, it’s been a long day and just gonna putz around on the net a bit then hit the sack.

Christmas Wishes

Well best wishes to everyone on Christmas, it’s been another good one spent with family and lot of good gifts, tired now and going to bed.

Christmas Frenzy

Well we’re still trying to get our Christmas shopping done for this year and just wanted to add that there’s nothing quite like Walmart two days before Christmas!!!

The Hamster Dance

Yes it’s still out there and still brings a smile to my face. One of the many memorable websites out there.

The Superman Phone

Originally uploaded by .noƩmi..

Just a quick inside joke for Lindz and Aline. HeHe

My Fave Garfield Cartoon


Childhood Days: White Rocks

I’m not to sure how young I was but it was fairly young yet still old enough to help Dad with the construction. We were building an addition onto our house (second garage and a huge patio) and everything was pretty much coming to an end, the sod had been set on the side of the house and Mom and gone and found a whole bunch of rocks for the section around the tree that we weren’t adding grass to because the pine needles would have killed it. So Mom got the rocks all set up the way she wanted and then decided that she wanted white rocks to surround her tree so we went out there one afternoon with our cans of white paint and painted those poor gray rocks so that they were all white. To this day you can still see the white on most of them (they were pretty big rocks) and am always reminded of that day whenever we go out on the patio to barbecue.


Flickr: Daily Cuteness

I Bought the Boys a Bed

Originally uploaded by mstephens7.

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