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The End Of Copyright

A very well written article on the end of the copyright system as we know it. Although I don’t agree with some parts it definately makes some very good points.

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First Spam Comment

Well it appears I got my first spam comment today, I’m so excited, well not really. Any new comments have to be approved before they’re posted (unless previously approved) so I caught it but just though it was interesting that I’ve moved up enough to get my first piece of comment spam.


Apartment Reorg

We spent the weekend re-organizing our apartment again!! Every so often I get tired of the current layout and decide on what we should move around next. It drives Simon nuts but after much discussion about the fact that we had absolutely no room to put up our Christmas tree this year I partially convinced him that my idea could work. It took us the whole weekend to move the furniture and then find a new place for everything, it’s amazing how much stuff we’ve got hidden in our little apartment. So with the combination of my idea (one I’ve had for a while just haven’t pushed moving it because I know how much it upsets Simon) and an idea Simon had for the chair our apartment looks great. Every time we move stuff around our apartment turns out looking a little better than before and I think we’ve found a good layout for now. We’ve actually got some space in between our furniture, amazing, and it feels quite a bit bigger in here and we’ve still got room to put up our Christmas tree. So even though Simon’s mood was a little out of whack for the weekend it turned out pretty good and Simon even admitted he’s glad we took the time move it around. I then thought I should throw in a little blurb about listening to your wife but overall it was a good weekend.

New Blue Watch

Timex Ironman Triathlon
Got myself a new watch today, I finally got the blue one that I wanted to buy many years ago. When I bought my last watch I got the silver one and then I went back about a week later with Mike so he could get himself a watch too. One we got there they’re was a bunch of new watches and one of those was a blue one which was much cooler than the silver one, I was so upset. So what did Mike do he bought the blue one. Well today at London Drugs they had both silver and blue so I definitely went for the blue one, if I go back next week and they have a way cooler one than what I just bought I’m gonna be pissed. For now I’m happy with my new watch and maybe I just won’t go back.

Broken Watch

Well I was at the bus stop yesterday waiting for the bus that never seems to arrive when I’m late and than just to make things worse I decided to check my watch and see how late I was actually going to be. I don’t usually turn the indiglo on (where you hold it down for a few seconds and it goes into night mode) but I figured it was dark and because I tend to be such a time whore when I’m trying to get somewhere I figured why not set night mode. Now looking at it it has sure held it’s own over the years, I think it was the first week I had it that I knocked it against a locker and it lost it’s first bit of paint and it suffered many more bumps and bruises since then. The buttons no longer have any writing on them and the majority of the silver is warn off but it’s always been good at keeping time so I never really considered replacing it. As I was saying I was holding down the indiglo button and it flicked on for just a second and then the whole screen just went blank, now this can’t be good I figured. I took a closer look at it under the streetlight and it just had a few squiggles on it and wasn’t responding to any of the buttons, damn now I didn’t know what time it was. Fortunately I’ve also got a phone, palm pilot and mp3 player that tells me the time so I resorted to my phone.

I did make it to class on time and once I got there I had a better look at it and now there was nothing on the screen, even the squiggles were gone. So it looks to be officially dead, it could be just the battery but considering I’ve had it for about 6-7 years it might just be time to look at moving on to a new watch. It never fails though that stuff like that breaks down when there’s a rent payday coming up and can’t really afford to be spending money on a new watch, maybe I can hold out until Christmas and see what Santa brings me.


Room 404

The history of 404, for those of us who’ve always wondered…

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The Writings on the Stall

Just a few of the ones that struck me as funny or interesting from The
Writings on the Stall:

# 353

  • Killing for peace is like fucking for chastity

# 325

  • Don’t beam me up Scottie, I’m having a Sh

# 316

  • This is a tee pee
    for a pee pee.
    Not a wig wam
    to beat your tom-tom.


Came a across this site via Digg and thought I’d share what it came up with using the keyword “house”. It’s kinda tricky to explain what it does just give it a shot.
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Childhood Days: Part 1

It amazes me the stupid things we used to do back then and it puzzles me that our parents didn’t seem to know what was going on or I’m sure they would have not let it continue. I start this story already in progress as I was pretty young and honestly don’t remember how the whole thing got started or where those sharp little metal pieces came from. From what I can remember they were about an inch or two long by about 3/4 inch wide, fairly thin and really fricking sharp and they had some type of a cutout I just not sure what it was and I don’t think I ever really found out what they were originally used for. Most of them looked a little rusty too like they’d been in the ground for some time.

Like I said before I have no idea where they came from but that summer there just suddenly seemed to be a whole wackload of them all around our neighborhood. So what did we, as kids with nothing to do and whole summer of time to waste, decide to do, well obviously we thought it would be fun to start having wars and throwing these little things at each other, duh.

I’m pretty sure this went on for most of the summer or at least until the first snow and we stopped being able to find them and being that I grew up on a cul-de-sac they pretty much remained in the area so there was always more to find again the next day and I’m sure to this day that if you took a metal detector around that area you’d be able to find most of them in the lawns and in the the little path at the end of the street.

I don’t really remember the throwing part but I knew it was happening and I clearly remember one of our neighbors showing off that he was bleeding from someone throwing one at him. I also remember one sunny day holding onto a stack of them I’d freshly dug out of someones lawn and distinctly remember how sharp they were, strange how certain memories stick after all these years.

By the end of the summer I don’t remember anyone getting any serious injuries but I’m sure we kids must have a had an above average number of cuts and bruises that summer. To this day I’d still like to find out at least what those little pieces of metal were actually supposed to be used for, aside from hurling at your neighbor!

And what if anything does this have to do with crap apples you ask, well one of our neighbors used have a crab apple tree (still does actually) and well of course the ripe apples that had fallen off the tree were just another object for us as a neighborhood to throw at each other. I don’t remember them being poisonous though and actually sitting here thinking about it I can still taste the bitterness of those little red apples when we used to go and steel some off the branches.

I Remember…

I was looking a one of my RSS feeds for 9Rules this evening and they were highlighting one of their new members: I Remember, I was reading the entry about crab apples and it got me thinking about some of the stuff we used to do in our neighborhood when I was a kid and I thought to myself why not share some of those stories. I was just going to talk about one of them but the more I think about it the more I think it might be neat to highlight a few of them, not all today of course, we’ll see what happens.

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