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Pink & White

Pink & White

Originally uploaded by [ CK ].

I find this a very calming pic.

Video: Fake water bed in a store

This is very funny. A store setup a fake waterbed and some video cameras… Enjoy!

It starts to look a little fake at the end, either that or people really do just jump onto a water bed that way.

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“The RIAA shouldn’t stop ‘piracy’”

“The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is engaged in a fierce battle with swarthy pirates. The kind of mean, nasty criminals that make children shudder with fear. You are that pirate.”

This is exactly what Simon & I were just talking about earlier today. If they’d get their collective heads out of their butts they’d realize that the way people enjoy music is changing and they can hang onto the past as tightly as they want, it’s still going to change.

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Flickr Dose

Time for another dose of flickr cuteness


Age happens

Age happens

Originally uploaded by parkersunshine.

Simon Needs

Did one for Simon too:

Simon needs some smoothing.
Simon needs your help for the Big Mac Index.
Simon needs help with the Alternative Big Mac Index.
Simon needs some fun.
Simon needs full disclosure.
Simon needs surgery.
Simon needs to address theater.
Simon needs a pleasant working environment as well as a comfortable home.
Simon needs new glasses.

Michelle Needs…

Got this from Linz

You enter your name followed by needs into google and then list some of the results, I think some of my turned out pretty hilarious.

Michelle Needs your help.
Michelle needs to move on with someone else since Tony’s no longer around.
Michelle needs to find out that it is her baby and take her home.
Michelle needs a family that can love her for the young person that she is.
Michelle needs a home that can accept her limitations.
Michelle needs money so she can travel to Canada.
Michelle needs a good man to care for her.
Michelle needs to extend her arm parallel to the ground.
Michelle needs to spend some of her newly acquired wealth on attending a USGA rules.
Michelle needs to get the 2004 candidate names to Jeff so that the election may proceed

That’ll be the Michelle.

Advertising Slogan Generator

Flock Test

  • Just testing the new Flock browser, which has a blog plugin within it.

Seems to work well.

I like it so far, very reminiscent of Firefox to start off with, but looks like there’s a lot more features that I haven’t even gotten into yet



Just playing around with a photoshop tutorial I came across, looks pretty good.

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