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logical song {supertramp}

logical song {supertramp}

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Blog Tag

I came across this from one of my news feeds from the Kayayarai site which I started reading because I liked the background and though I don’t read all of it this caught my attention.

The rules of this version of blog tag are:
1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post.
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five other people to do the same.

For me this was from a post on November 10, 2003

“So we’re moving at the end of the month, don’t have a place yet but we’ve given our notice here.”

Now I’m supposed to tag 5 people but I really couldn’t be bothered, if you think it’s neat then give it a shot.

Who’s On First

Well it’s not quite as funny reading it but still good for a laugh.

Word of the Day for Sunday September 25, 2005

gimcrack \JIM-krak\, noun:
A showy but useless or worthless object; a gewgaw.

Tastelessly showy; cheap; gaudy.

Yet the set is more than a collection of pretty gimcracks.
–Frank Rich, Hot Seat

In those cities most self-conscious about their claim to be part of English history, like Oxford or Bath, the shops where you could have bought a dozen nails, home-made cakes or had a suit run up, have shut down and been replaced with places selling teddy bears, T-shirts and gimcrack souvenirs.
–Jeremy Paxman, The English: A Portrait of a People

And as for coincidences in books — there’s something cheap and sentimental about the device; it can’t help always seeming aesthetically gimcrack.
–Peter Brooks, “Obsessed with the Hermit of Croisset,” New York Times, March 10, 1985

The origin of gimcrack is uncertain. It is perhaps an alteration of Middle English gibecrake, “a slight or flimsy ornament.”

Ok Then

Me: “Do happen to know where my Costco card is?”

Hubby: “Don’t know, it’s with that stack of other cards you don’t use.”

Me: “Ahh, check the blender.”

Hubby: “Rrrriiiggghhht.”

Me: “Or have we used the blender since then?”

You’ll be happy to know that yes the costco card was in the blender. Also known as where Michelle stores little bits of paper and cards that aren’t used very often.

What’s up DUCK

What’s up DUCK

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lazy sunday

lazy sunday

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It’s been a while since we had a serious dose of cuteness. This shot should do the job just fine.

Type Setter

This is something that could definately come in handy not to mention it’s got a pretty snazzy layout.

Maxine Cartoon


Green Thumb Not Required

Well this is definitely what I need, my poor plant would be so happy with regular water it wouldn’t know what to do with itself.

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