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Holy Starbucks Batman

We’ve all heard the little Starbucks story about facing one then turning around and there being another one on the other side of the street. You can actually do this in downtown Vancouver on Granville street.

Anyhow while surfing through flagrantdisregard which led to I learned of the ability to see how many starbucks you have within a five mile radius of where you live, and the ensuing contest to see who had the most.

So of course out of curiosity I put in our address and holy crap we’ve got 79 of the frickin things within five miles. Let me say that again, seventy-nine. Good grief people with that density the chances of sneezing falling down and landing on a starbucks are pretty good.

The highest density on kottke that I can see is 169. I wonder if you’d ever come across a situation where there would be four all together, one on each corner?

Wow all this Starbucks info, and I don’t even like coffee.

New Folding Method

This is so freaking cool, I love it.


Just testing my rss reader

Sounds Good

Just another reason to be optimistic and think positively

My New Desktop

My New Desktop

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Well I’m totally impressed with the way I’ve got XP looking as of tonight. I came across an article about Vista Inspirat from and thought I’d give it a shot. I’d never really had any luck with skinning XP before, it always turned out looking pretty flaky but this was really simple and easy to customize once installed. Then add on top of that we found out about Konfabulator Widgets a couple of months ago, it certainly gives it a nice change from plain old XP, not to mention being able to eliminate all icons from the desktop, woohoo.

Installing Inspirat was little scary as it modifies a lot of windows files and I did create a restore point before I got started just in case, but everything came out just fine, phew.

I’m also still really impressed with Konfabulator, I find more and more widgets everyday that I like.

So I would definitely recommend both of these if your looking for a change and seeing as how Simon won’t let me re-organize the apartment on a monthly basis this is what I settle for.

Ben day 1

Ben day 1

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Holy Crap, he is definitely by far the cutest of cutest.

Nice Quote

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Cool Bumper Sticker


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Need to get one of these for Mom & Dad

Oh Those Silly Drivers

Well seeing as I’m working again, I’m spending at least an hour a day on enjoying the wonderful translink transit system. I figured it was about time to mention:

The Different Types of Bus Drivers,

1. Mr. Normal

The name says it all for this one, he knows when and how to step on either gas or brake pedal and is courteous most times. Not annoying at all, quite pleasant actually.

2. Mr. Stop and Go

Unfortunately one of the types that appear quite frequently. He’s the driver that doesn’t seem to care at all that there is actually people on the bus holding on for dear life. Characterized by sudden backward stepping as he accelerates sharply making you think he’s behind on his route timing followed by hard braking just before traffic lights or bus stops sending everyone back in the other direction. Definitely very annoying, and watch out if you forget to hold onto something when he’s starting or stopping.

3. Mr. Take His Time

It’s not very often you encounter this type of driver, usually only when you’re in a hurry as you’re late for work. He’s the one that doesn’t seem to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of Vancouver life and takes his time from stop to stop. I don’t think he’s ever seen above 40 kph. Only annoying when late for work otherwise a nice change.

(just realized I’m only using Mr., please substitute and other prefix that makes you happy)

4. Mr. Herky Jerky

This is definitely my favorite and not in a good way, it also seems to happen quite frequently. I’m not sure how to explain this one properly but I’ll give it a shot. It would appear that some drivers can’t figure out how to operate a gas pedal properly and instead of keeping it in one position to maintain a constant speed, they do this let up and push down nonsense that causes the herky jerky motion. So while your sitting in you seating you keep involuntarily leaning forward and back again, over and over until the bus comes to a stop and then it starts all over again once they start going again. This is the one that I find the most annoying, it’s a freaking gas pedal people, figure it out, it can’t be that difficult and stop pissing off passengers, it’s bad enough we’re riding transit to begin with.

Well that’s my rant for now, so to all the Mr. Normals and Mr. Take His Times, thank you and to the rest of you, smarten up. I do believe that all bus drivers should be required to ride the bus for a certain length of time to see things from a different point of view and possibly change their ways if need be.

For Me

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday To Me

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