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Well been a while since I posted anything meaningful on here, so here we go.

Not much new just a few things, we lost another fishy the other day, he was Mr. drunk fish, he had a taken a turn for the worst over the last little while and wasn’t really able to swim anymore, just stayed on the bottom of the tank, so that was probably a peaceful thing for him.

Last week we were presented with a test of how honest we are, and I’d like to report that we passed with flying colors. I was out on the balcony having a smoke when I noticed that there was something under the BBQ (bbbaarbbbeeeecue sauuuuce, hehe) that hadn’t been there before. So I got a little closer and realized that it was a 4.0 MP digital camera! I was so excited until I remembered that the guy above us had gotten broken into the week before and it was more than likely his. So I brought it inside, dried it off as it had quite a bit of water on it due to the recent rain storm. Now I will admit that I played with it a bit, it was a cool camera but after looking at the memory stick and finding pictures of the guy upstairs I realized that we couldn’t keep it. So we gave him a call and returned it the next day, definitely a nice camera, I will definitely look at buying 4MP when we get our digital camera.

As for H&R I finished the computer portion of our course last week (think I aced the exam) and I have the theory exam tonight (eeek, should be studying not blogging). Well I’m either delightfully oblivious to how ready I’m not, or I’m actually prepared for the exam. I was thinking that last year while studying for the exam, I also had to work on packing the apartment and moving. So we’ve been at the new apt. for a year now and I think we’ve finally got the furniture in a layout that works. So hopefully things go well on my exam tonight and then I can stop stressing about that. It’s been a taught course, a lot harder than the first two.

Not much else has changed, we’re started to get excited for Christmas, hey I’ve even already got two presents bought, how’s that for planning, hehe. I just finished off another Access Database so the payment for that should coincide perfectly with Christmas shopping and make this year a lot nicer than last year.

Alright I’ll stop boring everyone and finish this post. I should probably go and do some more studying anyways.

Poll Results – Full List

1 Mother
2 Passion
3 Smile
4 Love
5 Eternity
6 Fantastic
7 Destiny
8 Freedom
9 Liberty
10 Tranquility
11 Peace
12 Blossom
13 Sunshine
14 Sweetheart
15 Gorgeous
16 Cherish
17 Enthusiasm
18 Hope
19 Grace
20 Rainbow
21 Blue
22 Sunflower
23 Twinkle
24 Serendipity
25 Bliss
26 Lullaby
27 Sophisticated
28 Renaissance
29 Cute
30 Cosy
31 Butterfly
32 Galaxy
33 Hilarious
34 Moment
35 Extravaganza
36 Aqua
37 Sentiment
38 Cosmopolitan
39 Bubble
40 Pumpkin
41 Banana
42 Lollipop
43 If
44 Bumblebee
45 Giggle
46 Paradox
47 Delicacy
48 Peekaboo
49 Umbrella
50 Kangaroo
51 Flabbergasted
52 Hippopotamus
53 Gothic
54 Coconut
55 Smashing
56 Whoops
57 Tickle
58 Loquacious
59 Flip-flop
60 Smithereens
61 Oi
62 Gazebo
63 Hiccup
64 Hodgepodge
65 Shipshape
66 Explosion
67 Fuselage
68 Zing
69 Gum
70 Hen-night

Mother’ is most beautiful English word

‘Mother’ is the most beautiful word in the English language, followed by passion, smile, love and eternity, according to a worldwide survey released on Thursday.

The British Council, the government agency that promotes British culture around the globe, quizzed more than 40,000 people in 102 non-English speaking countries on their favourite words.

“It’s interesting that mother, the only word of the 70 that describes a direct relationship between people, came top of the poll,” said British Council spokesman Greg Selby.

Father didn’t make the list at all. Fantastic, destiny, freedom, liberty and tranquility filled out the top 10 ranking of most beautiful English words, out of a list of 70 words — a number deliberately chosen to mark the British Council’s 70th anniversary.

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Frickin Hilarious

Keep him upright by moving the mouse left and right.

My best so far is 65 metres