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Happy Halloween

In honour of silly holloween costumes I thought I’d post a pic of Simon from many years ago. Sorry Sweety. HeHe

New Webpage

Well thanks to a new technique Linz showed us in Photoshop the other day, I spent most of yesterday coming up with a web page for Simon. It’s not done yet (still need to add some content) but I was so impressed with how it turned out that I’ve uploaded what’s already finished.

So thanks to Linz for the photoshop lesson and hope you all enjoy.

The fishies requested that a current pic of themselves be on the internet, so I felt I had to oblige them. They didn’t feel that the last shots of mr. burnt fish were representative of how they’re currently doing. Posted by Hello


Hey All,

Well I’ve been slacking off on blogging as we all seem to have been. I wonder if the novelty has worn off, or things just don’t change much therefore there’s not much to be said.

I finally got all my stuff from ebay, the rings looks great, Simon loves his new DVD and my sweater arrived today but I have to go and pick it up first. I’ve ordered two more rings since I got these ones. I’m really enjoying wearing the rings and wanted to get some more. Now I’m looking for something to keep the rings in (as opposed to on the table in the little plastic bags they came in).

Well during the last big update I mentioned I was thinking about re-organizing the apartment and I went through with that, was pooped by the time Simon got home and he was quite happy with the way it turned out, as was I. Since then we’ve done another little re-organization, just moved a few more things that I didn’t have the time to tackle that day, like the computer desk (with three towers on it, it’s quite the challenge to move). We also moved the fish closer to where we sit so we get to see them better. I’m definitely happy with the way the place looks right now, but knowing me in about 6 months I’ll want to move it all again. I’m starting to realize this is becoming a habit with me. For instance my webshots wallpapers last about a week at the most, before I download another batch.

Not much else to say, tax school continues to be challenging this year as capital gains are proving to be quite challenging once you get into the advanced aspects of it. I’m hoping it gets better when we start on the Business section.

There’s been no news on the fishes, they’re all still around, our apartment freezer continues to make obnoxious noises and there’s been one skunk and one giant raccoon sighting in the last two weeks, oh and the Stellar’s Jay, he was cool.

I’m working my way through the Dr. Phil weight loss book and am debating on whether or not to start up another blog for that purpose. Well I started writing down my thoughts but it’s in Word and it’s pretty private right now. I’m uncovering a lot about myself and am hopeful for the future, we’ll see what happens.

I saw one of these birds today while I was outside on the balcony.

It’s All in the Name

Hey I just found a cool description of what my name means. I was looking at a baby name site (no reason to, just stumbled onto while looking at clothes) and Michelle is a name of Hebrew origin meaning “who is like god”

Hehe, I like it. Oh and it’s also #55 on the most popular female names list.

One more, Simon is also of Hebrew origin meaning “he who hears”, fffft I wish to add an amendment “he who hears, as long as he’s not on the puter” hehe.

Later People

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