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Congrats to Mike and Kim as they welcome their new son Brody into the world.

Well not much has changed, there’s a few new things to mention so I figured might as well post. We lost two fish the last couple of days so I figured it was time for a water change. I did that yesterday and the tank looks great today and the fish look a little happier, they still don’t look totally healthy though. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. I really need to invest in some water testing equipment so that when stuff like that happens I know what to do to fix it.

Personally I think it’s the water treatment stuff I’m using. We used to use these purple crystal stuff and it worked really well but we ran out and I can’t find it anywhere now so I’ve gone back to what I used to use and it doesn’t seem to work as well. The filter gets clogged up with nasty brown slime after a while and then the all seem to get worse after that. I doesn’t take very long to happen either. I’m thinking that getting a plant might help things.

I got my elephant ring last week, it’s awesome and it got here really quick. Now I’m waiting for my other rings and my gift for Simon. Hope they come soon. The only problem is that my fingers are bigger than I though and a size 12 doesn’t fit as good as I’d hoped. I tried wearing it on my thumb and it looks really cool there and fits, so that’s where I’m gonna wear that one. I just hope the other ones fit a little better.

I also bought a cotton/cashmere sweater that the payment just cleared on today so that should be on it’s way soon, I’m so excited. It’s like Christmas around here with all this stuff coming.

I’m trying out the Firefox web browser, seems to be pretty good so far. It handles blogger better than Opera does but I still like the Opera interface better.

I just saw a commercial for Trivial Pursuit 90’s edition, sounds fun. Definitely have to keep an eye out for it in the stores, could even check eBay, hehe.

So I’m thinking of re-organizing the living room again today while Simon is at work, not sure if I’m going to, I’ve just got some ideas as I’ve gotten tired of the way it’s organized again. The only problem is that Simon’s not real big on change. He likes knowing where stuff is and we’ve just gotten used to the current layout. So I’d have to get it done before he gets home or he gets really discombooberated (hehe, I’ve never actually written that word down before)

I think I’ll make some lunch/breakfast first then see what I can do in the time I’ve got left before he gets home.

Anyways, I’ve said quite a lot considering not much is new these days. I’ve gotten back into playing The Sims and spend way too much time on that. And yesterday I spent doing Income Tax homework. I got really stumped on the chapter review problem which usually involves preparing a tax return for some fictional person. I’m learning about capital gains right now so it’s more challenging than just the basic income tax stuff. In the end though I figured out my mistake. I was doing the capital gains part right but I had included an amount somewhere else that I shouldn’t have. Lesson for you all today. You can not deduct the interest on a loan that was taken out to purchase an RRSP or RESP. This was my mistake as I was sure you could but I looked it up and sure enough that’s the case.

Alright lunch is ready gonna go eat, watch a little TV and start working on the apartment.

Changes and Updates

Just a quick one, have to go get ready for my class today. Yes there is actually one today.

I was looking at Mr. Robber Fish and he’s all better, back to his usual orange color. So thanx to Linz for figuring out what was going on in my tank. Mr. Drunk Fish is still alive and still crazy. I think he’s just forgotten how to swim.

Was looking at a new blog template again and decided to just go with blue instead of green, as you’ve already noticed.


My Bloginality is ISTJ!!!

Another Silly Quiz

Michelle the Putz Strikes Again

So last week I went and paid for my H&R Block course and found out that the lady who I paid was also in my class so as I was leaving she said see you on Tuesday, ok I said. So the last couple of days I’ve been looking forward to classes starting and today I get up get ready and away I go.

So I’m sitting in class (and hour and a half and a lot of walking later) and there’s not a lot of people in our class so I’m not worried that nobody is there yet. Then I see someone coming in the door with a box of stuff, I figure this is the teacher. Nope I was mistaken, It’s our new District Manager wondering what I was doing there. I said I’m here for the advanced 1 course, he says I don’t think that starts until next Tuesday but let me go check the schedule. So goes out to his car, brings the schedule back in and sure enough class doesn’t start until next week. Oops!

So I got to meet the new District Manager who now just thinks I’m either a total putz or just really eager to get started. He did ask a few questions about where I was working last year and whether I was wanting full or part time this year. I said full time if it’s available and he said that’s what I like to hear, we’ll see what we can do.

So although there was no class tonight, maybe it wasn’t such wasted trip after all. Oh and before class (or what I thought was class) I stopped at Subway. So basically I spent three hours of my day just going to Subway.

Note for the Future: Always check palm pilot before venturing all the way out to Surrey, that your supposed to be going out there, putz.

Gaaawwwd that’s cute. Just playing with the Hello settings, the pictures have been kinda big so I’m trying one size down. This is our current wallpaper. It’s from webshots and copywrighted to Superstock, Inc. I apologize if I’m infringing on any rights. Posted by Hello

Another Amethyst and Diamond, this was the last minute purchase Posted by Hello

Amethyst and Diamond Posted by Hello

Sapphire and Diamond Posted by Hello

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