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It’s my new ebay ring – woohoo Posted by Hello

Number 2

Number 3

Well these are the best pictures I was able to get, like I said they don’t listen when you tell them to stay still

Darn Fish

Well I’ve got no idea what’s wrong with my fish but he looks “dirty”. Looks like he’s been out playing in the garden, hehe. I’ve spent some time looking a fish sites on the net and don’t really have a definite answer. The two main possibilities are that he’s going through a colour change (which apparently goldfish can do) or he’s got ammonia burn.

The blackness seems to be covering about 80% of his body including his top fin but not really any of the other fins. He doesn’t seem to be showing any other signs of illness such as not eating, rapid breathing or lethargic behavior. I tried taking some pictures but the little bugger won’t stay still when you tell him too, guess I have to do some training there (have to also train him not to play in the dirt anymore, hehe).

The problem with the ammonia burn theory is that he’s the only fish exhibiting any symptoms and you’d figure that if my water was that bad the other guys would also be showing some signs. I think their would also be some other symptoms related to water problems (most likely the stuff listed earlier)

So we’ll keep an eye on him and keep our fingers crossed that it’s just a color change. Color changes can also be related to a change in their diet and I have introduced new food into the tank recently with the addition of a pleckostumus (sp??). I’ve been feeding hime algae tablets so it’s very likely the goldfish ate one of those, or maybe there’s just more algae in the tank and it’s attached itself to him (it would seem to other fish should have the same problem too though). I’ve been feeding them some other fish food I had from before that I thought would be a nice change for them, it could be that too. Another problem with the ammonia burn theory is that I believe they would also be showing some fin rot because of it and they’re not, so I’m pretty sure that’s not what it is.

Oh well let’s hope he gets better as he’s been around for a long time and it would be a shame to loose him (he needs to take a bath, hehe)


Creepy Crawlies – Found a Solution

So I decided to check and see if the spiders in our place would be somehow beneficial and see if they ate silverfish. This would give a reason for me not to freak out on sight of future spiders. We don’t seem to have a problem with silverfish but they do show up once in a while. I didn’t really get a definite answer on whether or not they do, it seems to depend on the species of spider. While I was searching I found this persons blog that contained a whole discussion on some of the larger variety creepy crawlies in the states, and I’ve decided that spiders and silverfish just aren’t as bad as what we could be dealing with. Sidebar: silverfish don’t seem to bother me now that I’ve seen a few of them, still afraid of spiders thought, so figure that out.

So as I kept reading through I read about an electric bug vacuum that sucks up bugs and the zaps them with a mild electric current just to make sure they die, or not if you want to capture the bugs and put them back outside (not gonna happen, I want them zapped).

I have got to get me one of these vacuums!!!! So if you see them in Vancouver please let me know, well you don’t necessarily have to be in Vancouver, but if it’s a store we have here, all the better.

My first stop was ebay, couldn’t find it there so I’m gonna keep looking, and hopefully I’ll turn up one of the gadgets and then don’t have to worry about squashing the creepy crawlies anymore, or worrying out them falling on my head when they’re on the ceiling (eewwwwww). I just suck them up and it zaps them for me, how cool is that.

Here’s One for the Psychologists

Well as I sit here and mind struggle with whether or not to go out for a smoke I thought I’d share my newest revelation.

First of all you either know already or you now do that I’m terribly afraid of spiders. I get this from my mother, I’ve never had a bad experience with a spider to rationalize the fear, just that mom is afraid of them and I picked it up from her.

So Sunday night after getting back from our holidays and Linz had gone home we went for one more smoke before bed. So I’m already a little paranoid going out on the balcony because of the spiders I already know are living out there, not to mention the occasional skunk and raccoon that wanders by. So I look up and can see something moving off the left and on the ceiling (I guess you would call it a ceiling, it’s the bottom of the balcony above us). Now I could swear I saw something moving but I couldn’t possibly be a spider that large, cause generally you can’t see spiders when it’s dark as they’re too small. So I grab the lamp turn it on and hold it out the door to see what the movement was. That was the biggest fucking spider I have ever seen. I’m not exaggerating here legs and all it had to be 2 inches across. So I proceeded to freak out while Simon got the fly swatter and went after it. He did a good job and I got to actually see it dead (otherwise it haunts me that it could still be alive) So since then I’ve have the heeby geebies about going outside on the balcony for fear of seeing another one of those monsters.

I’m ok during the day but at night I’ll go out with Simon but once he’s gone to bed I haven’t gone out alone since. How pathetic is that. Oh yeah and it doesn’t help that one of the spiders legs is still on our BBQ just as a reminder of how big he was.

So as I sit here listening to Simon sleep, wanting a smoke and staring at the balcony door, I realized that I’ve found something more powerful than the nicotine gator (I’ll explain that one another time, basically it’s just the addiction to nicotine) and that’s a powerful fear of spiders landing on me.

I guess all things have an upside, I’m only smoking about 5 cigarettes a day now, quite a drop from when we were living in Surrey and smoking in our apartment (a pack a day). Not to mention our apartment doesn’t stink, so I refuse to start doing that again. So maybe my fear of spiders will eventually lead me to quit smoking, who knows we’ll see what happens.

GREAT – Even the Doctors are Against Us

This has definitely got to have a lot to do with why I don’t have a job yet. If I’m seen as lazy as soon as I walk in the door then how the heck am I supposed to get a job. You can only be turned down for so many jobs before you just give up and stop putting yourself out there for another let down.

Well that’s depressing, I’m going to bed now.

BBC NEWS | Health | Fat equals lazy, say doctors

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