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Welcome To The Home Version of Michelle’s Life

Not sure if the title make sense but I like the way it sounds. So out of sheer boredom today I went back and read all my old posts. It’s kind of cool, although there isn’t a lot there (not quite a year) it’s interesting to be able to read back to what was going on say last October for example.

Suicidal Soya Sauce Update: Apparently the little guys just didn’t like Surrey we haven’t had any problems since we safely got them to the new fridge. It even looks like their reproducing now (seems like there’s more than their should be). It could also have been the introduction of the ketchup packets that saved them, we’ll never know just be happy in the fact that they’re thriving.

It’s incredible to think that it hasn’t even been a year yet that I first started working with Front Page and then onto Dreamweaver, I think I’ve come a long way since that first website I published (man was it nasty).

We watched the movie Paycheck last night, I really liked it. I tend to be very critical of movies or at least I used to be, there was a while there where I didn’t like anything I watched. Maybe it was a reflection of my emotional mood at the time and considering I’m now happily married things just look a little better. Ok enough psycho babble, I’ll behave myself.

Alright going now, this keyboards driving me nuts, gonna go swap it with the one from our other computer.



We got our new hard drive in the mail today (from ebay). With shipping we saved about $50-$100 on a 120GB drive. Things were as they said they were (everything included). Can’t wait to install it see what it’s like.

Off to fight with my computer now (hard drive installations never seem to work on the first try for me). Maybe I’ll just wait and let Simon do it, that’s a good idea.


This shows the location of the skunk, well sort of. He was between our neighbours balcony and the retaining wall. He was at the about half way mark of the neighbours balcony whe he stopped to take a look at us. Posted by Hello

What I Want from Ikea

This would definately help to organize our bathroom Posted by Hello

Skunk Info

So after the close encounter with the skunk the other day, thought I’d look up some info on skunks. What I’ve found is that they don’t spray unless cornered and if they are going to spray they they’ll usually give quite a bit of warning like hissing, stomping their feet, walk on their two front paws, then if you don’t move they will spray. So it looks like I don’t have to worry as much as I thought I did because they will only ever just walk by.

As for raccoons still working on finding what they’ll do, I imagine it’s the same but at least they can’t spray nastiness at us.

Hey actually got the comments working, woohoo. They weren’t working last night but fiddled with the settings and its working.

Keeps your eyes out for a new design. I started one a while ago and put half of it up and then decided not to finish it (frames pages a just a nuisance). So now I’ve just gone with something completely different. Hope to have it up soon.

(gaslight slfjie sldkie) Just checking to see if the spell checker worked with the new browser that dad recommended. Seems to but not quite as well, well maybe it does, not sure. It seems to be a pretty good web browser, has some nice options. It’s called opera, the only downside is that it’s add supported unless you buy it. Oh well

Have a good night everyone.


Was just reading over my last post and apparently I use apparently and freaky a lot, freaky!!!!

Time To Clean Bathroom

Well there’s nothing quite like waking up to your resident manager knocking on your bedroom door asking if you can get up because your bathroom is flooded and would like you to clear off the floor so the plumber can have a look around. This was how I woke up today, not to mention that fact that when I first woke up the light in the hallway was on, a little freaky considering I didn’t turn it on before I went to bed, followed by the knocking on the door. It’s a little freaky to wake up and know there’s someone in the apartment, that although had a good reason to be there, shouldn’t be there. Anyways so I get dressed and head over to the bathroom only to notice that the floormat is soaked and there’s about 7 inches of hot water and nastiness in the sink, eewwww.

So here’s what happened, last night the sink was draining kind of slow and this morning after Simon left for work I noticed that there was water and some icky looking dirty stuff in the sink (that shouldn’t have been there) but it was slowly draining away so I figured it was the same problem as last night and we’ll just pick up some draino and fix it later.

Somewhere between 10:00 and 12:30 the sink apparently got worse, overflowing and flooding our bathroom. So everything on the counter is wet, everything we had on the floor including my box of Archie comics (yes I still read them) and some jackets we had stored under the cabinet as we really didn’t have anywhere else to put them. Oh and all the towels in the cupboard, guess it’s time to do laundry again damnit.

So apparently the reason they checked in our apartment was because someone noticed that there was water leaking into the parkade, so who knows how much water flooded into the bathroom. I remember from when they were installing the carpet in the little storage room which is right next to the bathroom that that’s where there’s a hole cut into the concrete for just such an emergency, so had to check all the boxes in the storage room to to make sure they weren’t wet, at least they’re ok. Anyways can you image how much water must have surged out of the sink to drain enough that someone would notice it in the parkade.

So if it wasn’t already muggy and hot enough the fact that it was hot water surging out of our sink has made it even more unbearable in here, so now I’m tired, hot and sweaty. But hey at least the bathroom floor is clean.

Oh and while the managers were here they noticed that the little pulley plunger thing to stop the water from draining was broken (been like that for a while) so they replaced it. So now bathroom clean and plungy thingy works, guess all is not lost.

Anyways going to go and have a nap, hope no more disasters happen while I’m sleeping.


Urban Wildlife

Well I’ve got a blogger so I think I’m going to try a make an concerted effort to post more often. Since we moved in to our new apartment we’ve been smoking out on the balcony. It’s been a nice change as the apartment smells a lot better. We moved in December so the environment was still in Winter mode. Over the last couple of months things have changed. Now having been raised in Prince George seeing raccoons and skunks was never really something that happened, you had to be more concerned about bears and moose. About a week ago we were out having a smoke when I look up and see a raccoon coming towards us on the walkway beside our balcony. Because the walkway is part of the other building it’s a little higher than our balcony so basically we were eye to eye with this little guy. Now never having had to deal with these guys, Michelle has no idea what to do around a raccoon. So I start moving my arm towards the door to get back inside if we have to. Apparently this startled him enough that he ran off the way we has going. Phew!!! So having seen a raccoon up that close (about 3 feet) was worrisome enough, last night was even more fun. So were out having a smoke and I hear something on the walkway again coming from behind me, thinking it was a cat I turn to have and look and find myself staring a skunk. Great can’t go fast for the door, don’t want to spook the guy and get sprayed so I slowly start opening the door and he stops for a bit to check us out then turns a moves off another couple feet, now the business end of him is facing us and he stops. I’m thinking oh crap, just as I start to really panic he started walking again, phew. So we didn’t get sprayed but that was a little to close for comfort. So ongoing count now is 2 raccoons and 2 skunks (the other ones didn’t come nearly as close) it’s getting stressful going out for a smoke at night. I think we need to get off the ground floor, definitely wouldn’t have this problem on the third floor but really don’t feel like moving again. So until we move again we’ll just have to keep our eyes peeled while were outside at night. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that we don’t get sprayed by a skunk just to support our nicotine habit (time to think about quitting again). That’s all for now


Today was teach the baby birdies how to fly day. There’s a bird nest in the tree just outside our patio and for the last while all we’ve seen it momma bird bringing worms to them, then listening to them squeak as she feeds them. Today it looks like it was the first day out of the nest. They’re a little shaky but by the end of the day they almost looked like they knew what they were doing. One guy would stand beside this little bush, hop up onto a branch about a foot up and then hop down again. This was repeated over and over again for some time. Later I went outside and noticed one of them was sitting in the bricks surrounding our patio (apparently it was break time). He let me get pretty close to take the picture so I thought I would share. Later

Hello Birdy !!!


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