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New Post

Holy Crap it’s been two months since I’ve posted, sorry everyone, like there’s a whole lot of people that actually read this, there like what two of you. Ok sorry about that I’ll try and be in a better mood.

Linz we’ll send ya the bill for the late night house call to fix your computer and next time you break your puter try doing it a reasonable time of day. Hehe just kidding it wasn’t a problem and your right it was definately energizing to see people so charged up about something and by the time we left it had quieted down enough that we were able to get a cab, so no problem.

Well I would just like to re-iterate that the world is not designed for fat people. I will now share my embarrassing bus story with you. So I get on the bus and one of the few seats left over was one of the single sideways one with the pole beside it so I decide that I will tempt fate and fit myself into it (bad idea – should have stuck with my original thought that I wouldn’t fit) anyways sitting down was ok until I realized that the pole was seriously digging into my leg and was too painful to stay sitting there so I try to get up but now I’m standing but can’t move forward because I’m stuck between the pole and the seat in front of me. Of course now everyone is staring at me, I had to twist and wiggle a bit before I get free and then I just decide to stand beside the door until I have to get off the bus. So then this lady in front of me takes pity on my and ask if I want her seat, I’m thinking great feel sorry for the stuck chick, so I declined her seat and stayed standing the whole time and didn’t once look back at the people on that part of the bus. Now had they (they being skinny bus designing engineers) made bus seats a little larger to accomodate the every increasing size of todays population this emberrassing situation could have been avoided.

So now I’m in a crappy feeling fat mood and don’t feel like working so I’m updating my blog at work – bad michelle.

If you haven’t noticed already we have our phone up again, new number but working again. We also now have our own domain which you probably also know if your looking at my blog (

As usual I’ve just realized that my comments aren’t working again so screw it, if you have anything to say to what I’ve said then send me and email.

We’re working on getting a picture gallery up and running, well it’s up but we’re having a glitch with the thumbnails and I stil have to add all the pictures and comments before I put a link to it, so you will all just have to be patient.

If you’ve read linz’s blog than you know we both got new palm pilots recently and they’re awesome, a definate increase in quality considering we went from B&W to Color and having the digital camera built in is great as we always have a camera with us because we always have our palm pilots. Today was the first day I used the MP3 player while walking (only have two songs, so it was a short walk). It’s totally awesome and I noticed that I actually walk faster when I’m listening to music and walking so I’ll have to borrow simon’s 256mb card instead of my mesely 64mb card so I can listen to music while on my way to work.

Ok gotta go do a little work, I’ll try and make a concerted effort to update ya’ll a little more often.