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My To-Do List

Well here’s my to do list for the next week so that you can all feel sorry for me:

1. Finish Packing Apartment
2. Clean Apartment
3. Move (Monday)
4. Figure out how to get my car down to the new apartment and do so while moving
5. Job Interview (Monday afternoon)
6. Document old apartment with pictures in the event we have to fight for our damage deposit
7. Return call to placement agency regarding going in for testing
8. Study for H&R Block Finals Exams
9. Write H&R Block computer class exam (Tuesday)
10. Write H&R Block theory class exam (Wednesday)
11. Start Unpacking
12. Another job interview (not until the 9th but still worth mentioning)

Well looks like I’m gonna be going like stink for the next little while, on a positive note it looks like my newly re-designed resume is getting the attention I was hoping for, now I just need to work on improving my interview skills. Well off to bed need to rest up for the week ahead.

Later All, by the way I seem to have lost my comments again, I’ll work on getting those back later.


Well holy crap Michelle has finally figured out how to create her own weblog template. That stupid thing fought with me from day one. I needed something to do today to unwind, moving in less the a week and getting a little stressed so I put on some Bob Seger (my relax music) and decided to create my own weblog template and wouldn’t you know it it worked, yippee. A few minor glitches but nothing I couldn’t work around and it looks pretty good. I still have to add in my links, archives and random quotes but I’ll save that for another day.

As for moving we did find a place, last monday we were starting to get a little worried we weren’t going to have a place to live, it’s about three blocks from where Simon works so not only have we reduced commuting costs we’ve eliminated them completely as he is willing to walk to work, no more busses or parking.

As far as my employment is going, H&R Block course is just about done, I have two exams one after each other the day after we move so not too sure when I’m going to be studying, just thankful that they’re both open book exams. So as long as I get 70% or better on those I can work for them next tax season.

I’ve also started seeing some results with me new resume, obviously it’s getting the attention I’d hoped. I have three interviews line up for next week. I think that’s more than I had in a year with my old one, so keep your fingers crossed everyone that I will be gainfully employed for the new year, sure be a nice christmas present to myself and Simon.

Ok well back to packing, still have a lot to do before monday and we finally got some more boxes today so back at it I go.

Later and Hope you enjoy the new blogger template.

General Blabbing

Well I think it’s about time to talk. I think me and Aline are unofficially having a contest to see who can hold out the longest when it comes to blogging. Victory to Aline!!!

Not too sure what to babble about tonight, just not quite tired enough to go to bed yet and can’t think of too much else I want to look at on the net.

So we’re moving at the end of the month, don’t have a place yet but we’ve given our notice here. Can’t afford to live in Surrey anymore, need to be closer to Vancouver save on commuting costs. My goal this week is to get a place that we can afford and that isn’t super small

We went and looked at Fraser Pointe this weekend and although it’s a great place I don’t think we can afford to move there. The studio was in our price range but holy crap is it tiny, so we looked at a one bedroom that would be suitable in size but it’s too expensive at $835 a month plus $35 per parking spot (2 cars). These people want to do a credit check also, to rent a frickin apartment? Oh well, really nice building though we’ll keep it in mind when our finances a little better. It has a nice view of the fraser river, very relaxing.

Well I think i’m going to go and get some adds ready to call for tomorrow, later