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Vampy Vampy

Well just a quick note to let you know that I’ve successfully played with my blog template again. It now has a cute little random quote thing right under the links. The quotes are taken from my Page-A-Day Bathroom Reader calendar. I’m getting better a playing with the template, but it still fights with me.

That’s if for now, off to finish re-vamping my resume’s, well actually the cover letters now. I’ll have to let you guys see them, they’ve turned out just awesome, sure to grab someone attention and get me an interview.

Next thing you know I’ll be working and then I won’t have any time to blog then you’re really gonna get mad at me. Speaking of which if your gonna bug anyone bug Simon, he hasn’t posted since before aug 30.

Later, (the soon to be employed, we hope)

One more thing to mention, we lost another soya sauce package the other day so please observe a moment of silence for his passing, thank you

Mom’s Website !!!

I’m so proud of my Mom, she’s created and published her first website. Yay. I think we spent about two hours over the phone today helping her publish it but we got it. So everyone go have a look. It’s still needs a few modifications, and I’m gonna give her crap for using that picture of me in White Rock, could that shirt looks any worse and gotta love the cool old guy shades I’m wearing (borrowed Mom’s fitovers)

The Dauray Site

Happy Happy


It’s About Time

Well thought I’d finally get around to saying something. I know I’m about as bad as Aline when it comes to blogging. I officially nominate Linz as the best blogger of the group. Hey cool there’s a survey you can fill out …. well that was fun. I think one suggestion would be to have a visual blog template editor (I know I had a tought time at the start trying to edit it)

Congratulations to Aline on her new job, I’m jelous as hell but very happy for her. It’s now officially my turn to get a job. I’m glad at least for three months out of the year I can work for H&R Block, it’s usually enough to sort of get us back on track financially (so we don’t get too much into debt). But I need to kick myself in the ass and get a frickin job because working for just three months out of the yeat is just not smart (emotionally or financially) !!! The first problem I realized was that my terrible sleeping habits have not been helping. I’d usually wake Simon up at arount 6am and then go to sleep, sleep all day and then not be able to get anything done when I got up cause everything was closed (duh). So I’m on the path to rectifying that situation. The last two nights I’ve gone to bed at like 1am and gotten up at 6am with Simon. I’m a little grumpier but at least I’m not spending 12 hours in bed doing nothing productive. I’ve discovered that it’s really easy to get into a pattern and stick with it out of habit even though you know that it needs to be changed. So no more spending all night on the computer and then getting nothing done all day!!

Next step: put a real effort into getting some resume’s out there.
Now I know I have a lot of knowledge on what needs to be done to find a job (from family members and work experience) but I believe that the job market is a lot different in Vancouver and that what I’ve learned is good for Prince George but I need to revise my tecnique for Vancouver. So I’m going to go and take a little seminar offered in Vancouver and see if they have any insightful information about finding a job in the Vancouver job market. This could also inspire me to get out there a little more (with my resume’s) All of the jobs that I’ve gotten (In PG) were due to contacts that I had so not having any down here isn’t helping. I think subconsiously I’ve come to rely on that and it’s just not going to work down here. So I need to re-learn how to find a job or apply the knowledge that I do have.

I’d say the two biggest challenges that are holding me back are a lack of experience the field I want to go into as most engineering companies want experience (even thought I have a two year diploma) and the fact that I’m just not getting enough resume’s out there (not to mention follow-ups). In Prince George there was less people applying for jobs so a lot of the time I got and interview but down here there’s just so many people looking for work that getting that interview is a lot harder and requires more work (or an excellent resume). I’ve always had a good resume but I think I need to do something to it that make it jump out at people whether I’m applying for a office position or an engineering position. So I’m going to work on that today (good start anyways).

Next I need to start seeking out jobs that aren’t advertised by cold calling engineering or design firms. (I have a diploma in Engineering Design Technology which allows me to work in a Civil, Mechanical or Structural design firm so that’s quite a large market down here). This is a big challenge for me, as far back as I can remember I have always hated making phone calls (except to friends), I’m not sure why but it’s something I’ve always struggled with. The best plan would be just dive right in and the more I make the easier it’s going to get (the first few are going to be tough ones though). I think it’s more the anticipation of the call that bothers me because once I’m actually on the phone or I don’t think about it before hand than things go pretty smoothly. So we’ll work up to that one (going to keep applying for posted jobs, take that job seminar and work on my resume first) and start working on a list of companies around Vancouver to contact.

Another route that I’ve considered is going back to school to get my mechanical engineering degree. This would be awesome but seems like a bit of a cop-out. If i can’t get a job right now than how is it going to change after three more years of school. All I would be doing is delaying the task of finding a job (not something that’s going to help me in the long run). An ultimate plan would be to get a design job work here a while until we can move over to Vancouver Island (like we want to) and then get my enginnering degree at UVic (I’m more interested in the mech. eng. program there anyways. One that I do need to do it figure out how I can get my last credit for the diploma program in Prince George. I think I need to take two courses down here to get the equivalent credit but I need to research that a bit more and send it to the person in charge of the ENDT program at CNC in PG (holy acronyms batman). Then I will at least get my Design Technologist diploma for that.

Holy crap ther’s a squirrel right outside our window, cool

Well that was quite the distraction. Watched the squirrel in the tree right outside our computer room for a while, then had to go to the bathroom, then decided to take a quick shower which turned into a full shower. Totally forgetting that I was logged onto the internet (oops) So I’m back, what the heck was I talking about now? Ahh finding a job (k i’m done with that now, probably bored you all to sleep anyways)

Well that’s if for now (sorry it’s been so long since i blogged)

And if there’s any typos or grammer error, I really don’t care on don’t really want to hear about it, so there