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Wow I said an awful lot on that one, should keep you all busy for a while!!!

Blogger Has New Features

Well not a lot of new features but the biggest one is that there’s a spell checker, wooppeee and this little sidebar thing with draft and change time & date buttons, we’ll play with those later, ahh so I can make you people believe that I posted at another time than I actually did, I don’t really see the point of that but handy to have if I ever need it. Ok bunch of things to mention today so lets get started.

So linz and aline both wanted me to install a comments thing so they could comment on my post so away I go to try and figure out how the heck to do that. First thought let’s use what they are (seemed simple enough to me). Found the site browsed around it for a while and thought ok this one looks good (seeing as I don’t know anywhere else to go). So I click on sign-up and guess what they are “currently not taking any new sign-ups” what the heck is that. Fortunately they were kind enough to provide a list of four other places that I can go, so after checking out four other possibilities I have chosen one and signed up so you guys can comment now if you’d like.

So after I sign up and get all the settings the way I think I want them I realize that I have to edit that stupid fricken blog template again. This thing has fought with me from day one, now I realize I said earlier that it’s a lot easier with the new software but I still get chills thinking about messing with that damn thing. So I copy the code from enetation that needs to be installed and away I go. I got it on the first try, yay. I’m so proud of me. I even commented to myself to try it and the input part is a little strange but hey you guys get to use that so you figure it out. Hehe

Speaking of comments I would like to continue Aline’s rant about loud music when you can only hear the bass. Now we live on a busy street so I expect to hear the occasional (man am I glad there’s a spellchecker now cause I don’t think I spelled that right) loud car go by BUT our apartment is also next to a gas station and what I’d like to know is why people think it’s necessary to keep their music going while their filling up on gas ???? The other people at the gas station don’t want to hear, people just aren’t considerate to other people around them anymore. I’m not even gonna get started on the dumbasses that hang out behind the gas station drinking and playing nasty music that I would not listen to if my life depended on it, well maybe then, but it’s just not pleasant. Ok done complaining.

So I started my intermediate course for H&R Block tonight, in order to back and work for them you have to take another course and seeing as how it’s only my second year I’m only able to take the intermediate course. So I show up there about 15 minutes early and start heading to the back room and from the front I can’t see any lights on. So I’m thinking that I’m a total putz and I’ve either gone to the wrong place or it’s the wrong night, or maybe I’m the first one there (that didn’t seem possible as there was only 15 minutes until the class started). So as I get closer to the back room I realize that there are people back there and they just don’t have the lights on. Apparently there was a power outage in the area (didn’t notice a thing driving up to the place) I was like woohoo we get to learn in the dark this should be fun. So I pick a seat at the back and sit down, then after my eyes adjust I realize that I’ve sat close enough to the only two people in the company that irritate me (great). I didn’t want to move because I like the spot I had and then two people from my training class in January showed up and sat on either side of me, so at least I get to talk to people I like (we’re the troublemakers by the way, or we were in January). About 5 minutes after that class is supposed to start the lights came back on, yay, so we had a class after all. I had never me the guy that was teaching our class but after the first session I’ve decided that he seems like a really good teacher; he’s got a sense of humor and doesn’t just re-iterate (the spell checker should have fun with that one) the facts he uses examples for everything and make it interesting, now how do you ask do they make income tax interesting, well they don’t really but he just presents it a lot better than previous teachers, so this looks like it’s going to be a good course. Oh and the computer training portion is being delayed by a month because they don’t have to books ready (typical). So for now it’s just theory.

Anyways I think that’s it, I’ll leave you people to your commenting and talk to you later. (have to run the spell checker first)

Hey that worked pretty good. Apparently they don’t have Blogger in their dictionary though, I had spelled it with just one g and their suggestion was blocker, that’s hilarious. Then it came across Aline and their suggestion for that one is Alien, heheheh. Aline=Alien (sorry Aline)

Bye Bye Now

Holy Crap

Ok I just tried to upload my site from dreamweaver and that was painful. Apparently when it asks if you want to also upload dependent file, yes is a good answer!!! When you say yes then it creates the images folder for you, well now I know. The process is a lot simpler now but the first one was a tuffy as it is a lot different than frontpage ever was. Hope you guys like the new index page and sorry the pictures page isn’t there yet, I’m working on that. Now I’m going to slowly refurbish the other pages, yippeeee!!!

Busy Busy

Well I apologize for not posting enough (Aline) but I’ve recently started learning how to use Dreamweaver and it’s been all consuming. So keep an eye out for a re-design once I figure out how to use the program properly. Guess what I just found out, editing your blog template in dreamweaver is super easy, now I know how Linz made hers looks so good (haha, I’m onto your secrets now). And yes I’ve figured out what the stupid little yellow tags do and we even know what to do with them now (that helps too). So I’m off to do more webbing (hehe that’s my new word for the day). I’ve fixed an error in one of my posts, if you can figure out which one you win!!!. Except Aline because she pointed out the mistake.

Daily Rant (well two days worth)

Ok I’m officially sick of living in an apartment, especially lately as the problems are getting worse. The neighbours either below us or next door seem to be avid pot smokers. First of all let me say that I’m not against that as you can do whatever you like to make yourselves happy. The problem is that they must be smoking it on their balcony and it filters into our apartment, so there we are enjoying dinner and watching a little TV and all of a sudden we’re blasted with this stench from below (and I don’t just mean a whiff of it, it completely fills the living room and kitchen, if someone were to walk into our apartment they would probably think that we had just smoked a joint for frick sakes). I know we should just close the balcony door but then it gets really stuffy in the apartment, and we shouldn’t have to. So I’m all for people smoking up if they want to, but can you be considerate enough to at least smoke it somewhere elso so as not to disturb the neighbours.

My other complaint (sorry but I’m in the mood to complain right now) is the price of everything these days. How frickin high do gas prices have to get before something is done about it. Lets also look at the price of meat these days, you used to be able to get chicken at a fairly resonable price but it seems that lately everything is double or triple what it used to be. How are people supposed to survive when any spending money you have goes to paying for all the price increases we’ve seen lately, no wonder people aren’t out shopping anymore like they used to. Ok here’s one I don’t understand, the States aren’t letting Alberta beef into their country so you would think that we’d have a surplus and prices would go down, nope ground beef is even more expensive than it was a year or even six months ago. Now I’ve only taken one economics course and unless my teacher was wrong, demand has gone done, therefore supply has increased which should result in a decrease in price to get rid of their product, so why the heck have prices gone up?

Ok I’m done for now. Goodnight


I’m so excited, I just found out there’s going to be a sequel to Shrek, yup you heard it here first (for those of you who didn’t know). The first one was great and am looking forward to the next one (not very patiently). They’re bringing back all the same actors for the voices plus some new ones, well have a look for yourselves at IMDB

One question though, how are they bringing back Lord Farquaad, wasn’t he eaten by the dragon?

Michelle is Learning

Well I’ve spent most of this weekend learning. The first part was spent building a database in Access for the PG Auxiliary, now I’ve created databases before but it was always with the Lotus version, so there’s quite a learning curve to switching over, but thanks to Simon’s help and the “Access Bible” I’m getting just as good with Access, but I’d have the say that half the time is spent figuring out how to do what I want to do and the rest is actually designing. Later in the weekend and into today we started looking at blog templates which led to style sheets and holy crap there’s a lot to learn about them, but I’m having fun and have created some pretty neat stuff so keep and eye for the new stuff on my main site. Later