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Testing Testing 123

Just testing out “Ecto”, client side software for posting to your weblog.

My New Desktop

My New Desktop

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Well I’m totally impressed with the way I’ve got XP looking as of tonight. I came across an article about Vista Inspirat from and thought I’d give it a shot. I’d never really had any luck with skinning XP before, it always turned out looking pretty flaky but this was really simple and easy to customize once installed. Then add on top of that we found out about Konfabulator Widgets a couple of months ago, it certainly gives it a nice change from plain old XP, not to mention being able to eliminate all icons from the desktop, woohoo.

Installing Inspirat was little scary as it modifies a lot of windows files and I did create a restore point before I got started just in case, but everything came out just fine, phew.

I’m also still really impressed with Konfabulator, I find more and more widgets everyday that I like.

So I would definitely recommend both of these if your looking for a change and seeing as how Simon won’t let me re-organize the apartment on a monthly basis this is what I settle for.


Well I’ve installed this cute little program on my website, no idea if I have and legal right to but I’m going to anyways. I came across it while trying to find a Photoshop frame that looked like a Poloroid. Now the site that I found it on wasn’t hosting it anymore as the domain was being taken away any day due to legal issues (obviously with Poloroid.) But they were offering the source code if you felt like downloading it, so away I went and got it up and running as something to play with.

So, I in no way make any claim to this script but thought I’d share it as long as I can get away with it as the original site is no longer running.

It seems to work really well, the only thing I don’t like is that you seem to have to pull the picture you want to use from the internet and not from your computer (not that I could get it to work anyways), other than that I like it.


p.s. I know I didn’t spell Poloroid correctly, I did that on purpose.

Here’s a sample pic you can use if you want to try playing with it. It’s Mom and Sandy

Just copy and paste it into the appropriate area, keep in mind that it does appear to be case sensitive.

Or this one: