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Once is enough People!!!

It’s pet peeve time again and I can’t remember if I’ve ranted about this before but I’m going to do it again anyways.

It’s about the crosswalk buttons people, once is enough damnit. It’s works if you press it just ONCE. To those of you out there that feel that by pressing is repeatedly or pounding on it as hard as you can will make the light change faster, stop it, it’s annoying. Oh and now they’ve started installing these new ones in Vancouver that beep, those are fun, now instead of just hearing bam bam bam you get a beep-beep beep-beep beep-beep…. AAAaaarrrggghhhh.

Oh and one other crosswalk peeve of mine is if it’s me or anybody else for that matter is standing waiting to cross the street there’s a darn good chance that we’ve already pressed the crosswalk button. Apparently people are under the impression that the rest of us Vancouverites are idiots and if they hadn’t come up behind me/us and pressed the button again then that darn crosswalk light would have just never ever changed.

Pheww, OK I’m done now.


I was getting myself some more Diet Coke today before I sat down to enjoy some CSI when I noticed on the bottle that I could win something by going to I’m not a big fan of their recent shift from look under the lid to enter a pin on line but every once in a while I get the urge to go and re-enter a code to see what happens. Problem #1: I have no idea what email and password I used to sign up with last time! So I tried their “forgot your password” link and that didn’t really result in anything fruitful so I moved on to just registering again. Problem #2: I hate having to register just to see if I’m a winner, a great way for them to collect marketing demographics but just an all out pain in the ass for us.

I reluctantly proceeded to enter in all the pertinent personal information that they require, like do they really need my phone number to send me my possible prize when they’ve already got my email and snail mail address, that’s one I usually fill with zero’s.

That final and most annoying problem: at the very bottom is one of those enter the word that you see so we know you’re a real person. I hate these frickin things. I don’t know if I’m just squiggly word challenged or I’m not capitalizing the right letters but I’ve had trouble with these things since day one. The seem to me to prevent real people from signing up more than anything, not to mention the frustration factor of having to try over and over again. Another thing that really gets my knickers in a twist is when it doesn’t work and the stupid password resets so here I am trying the squiggly word to work over and over again when it thinks I haven’t entered a password. Grrr, but I digress.


I don’t know if it’s a firefox issue but iCoke is not having anything to do with me being able to sign up today. I gave up after about 10 tries and decided to come and blog rant about it. I’m going to give IE a shot but since we got our new puters we upgraded to IE7 and seem to be experiencing the same issues with it that we see with firefox. I’m not even going to get started on the terrible frustration factor last week trying to install something as simple as Macromedia Flash Player, that’s a story for another blog post.

I think I’m gonna go back the the Sims, no stupid squiggly words to deal with.

Well it was definitely a firefox issue, it worked ok in IE7 and no I didn’t win anything but I’m now entered to win. Like that will ever happen.

Frickin’ Idiot

So I’m sitting here at work and this guy walks by with his kids and a dog. First off he’s yanking away on the dogs choke chain because obviously the dog isn’t being 100% obedient (looked OK to me) Then after the second unsuccessful yank on the choke chain he smacks the dog on the butt with the leash, not just any leash one of those hard plastic retractable ones. He hit this poor dog hard enough that I heard the thump inside here and then heard it again as he got further down the street. All I have to say is “What a frickin asshole,” no animal deserves that kind of treatment. Period. Maybe if you stopped trying to negatively reinforce the dogs training he might actually learn instead of just developing a fear toward you, not to mention teaching your two young children that it’s OK to hit animals. Gosh that really pisses me off, OK back to work, just had to vent. I didn’t think going out and hitting him with a hard plastic object would be productive for my health but I hope he gets what he deserves.


Why do they make medicine for sick people so flippin complicated to get into, I’ve got a got (got to learn to type) what I meant to say was: I’m sick and am therefore not in the mood to first off go get the medicine but then I have to find some scissors and fight with it for another minute or so. Well that’s my rant for today.

Family Christmas Curse

Just about every year right before Christmas for about as long as I can remember some appliance or vehicle has broken down and needed to be replaced. One year it was the washer and dryer another year it was a major overhaul on the car. Whatever it was it always seems to substantially cut into the Christmas budget. Well apparently this year is no different. I was trying to cook dinner tonight and I turned on the microwave to start cooking the potatoes and it was way louder than it should have been. I was a little concerned but I thought I’d leave it and see what happens, well about half way through cooking the potatoes a burnt rubber smell started to emanate from the kitchen, I checked all around the apartment and it was definitely coming from the microwave. After the potatoes were supposed to be done and Simon had gotten home, we pulled them out and sure enough they weren’t even slightly cooked, nada, actually still cold from being in the fridge.

So it looks like we’ll be heading out to get a new microwave tomorrow as you don’t realize how much you use an appliance until it breaks down. So of course as per the Xmas curse it will cut into our Christmas budget but I think it should still be OK, not as expensive as the year Mom and Dad had to replace the washer and dryer (another set of appliances you can’t do without).


Flickr Fussiness

I just wanted to make a quick post on that small percentage of flickr posters that seem to be totally paranoid people are going to steal their work. Now I realize that this is going on and peoples work is getting stolen on a regular basis and that’s a real shame and I’m sorry if you’ve been put into that situation.

Now is it really necessary to put a warning in the comments section of every picture you upload stating a copyright to your website and letting people know not to hotlink or blog your pics. The hot-linking I understand but what is the problem with blogging someone’s picture from flickr. I’ve done my share of that and I would seem to me that one it gives exposure to your website and two it says right underneath all the pictures that are blogged who the original picture was taken by. Gosh lighten up people. Sure you’ve got a some nice pics but coming off as the super bitch right away is really likely going to turn people off from looking a anymore of your pics, not the mention that this is an option within flickr and if your going to upload then your putting yourself as risk for that to happen, frickin idiots!!!

Alright I’m done complaining.

Order of Canada

In case you haven’t seen it in the news they’re presenting Shania Twain with the Order of Canada award, what a joke why not present it to someone who does something worthwhile for Canada, say Mike Holmes for example. Well that’s all I’m gonna say or I’m just gonna get too frustrated.

And I’m not even gonna get into the 15% increase the New Democrat and Liberal MLA’s have just voted on and approved for themselves, like their going to turn that one down! When was the last time anyone not in politics got a 15% pay raise, gosh freakin’ idiots.



Holy crap our mailman just went by and he was wearing shorts, shorts for crying out loud. I’m sitting here with a sweater and my homer’s eating your feet winter slippers and this guy is out delivering the mail in his summer shorts. I don’t get it, I realize that he’s doing a job that requires constant walking but I still can’t imagine that keeping your legs warm enough to warrant wearing shorts. I’m cold just thinking about it!!

Oh Those Silly Drivers

Well seeing as I’m working again, I’m spending at least an hour a day on enjoying the wonderful translink transit system. I figured it was about time to mention:

The Different Types of Bus Drivers,

1. Mr. Normal

The name says it all for this one, he knows when and how to step on either gas or brake pedal and is courteous most times. Not annoying at all, quite pleasant actually.

2. Mr. Stop and Go

Unfortunately one of the types that appear quite frequently. He’s the driver that doesn’t seem to care at all that there is actually people on the bus holding on for dear life. Characterized by sudden backward stepping as he accelerates sharply making you think he’s behind on his route timing followed by hard braking just before traffic lights or bus stops sending everyone back in the other direction. Definitely very annoying, and watch out if you forget to hold onto something when he’s starting or stopping.

3. Mr. Take His Time

It’s not very often you encounter this type of driver, usually only when you’re in a hurry as you’re late for work. He’s the one that doesn’t seem to be caught up in the hustle and bustle of Vancouver life and takes his time from stop to stop. I don’t think he’s ever seen above 40 kph. Only annoying when late for work otherwise a nice change.

(just realized I’m only using Mr., please substitute and other prefix that makes you happy)

4. Mr. Herky Jerky

This is definitely my favorite and not in a good way, it also seems to happen quite frequently. I’m not sure how to explain this one properly but I’ll give it a shot. It would appear that some drivers can’t figure out how to operate a gas pedal properly and instead of keeping it in one position to maintain a constant speed, they do this let up and push down nonsense that causes the herky jerky motion. So while your sitting in you seating you keep involuntarily leaning forward and back again, over and over until the bus comes to a stop and then it starts all over again once they start going again. This is the one that I find the most annoying, it’s a freaking gas pedal people, figure it out, it can’t be that difficult and stop pissing off passengers, it’s bad enough we’re riding transit to begin with.

Well that’s my rant for now, so to all the Mr. Normals and Mr. Take His Times, thank you and to the rest of you, smarten up. I do believe that all bus drivers should be required to ride the bus for a certain length of time to see things from a different point of view and possibly change their ways if need be.

Studios Sign Deal to Increase Ad Time

“…fricken commandos of the moron brigade.”

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