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Smear Wallpaper

I created a funky wallpaper today, it turned out so neat (in my opinion anyways) so I figured I’d share. It’s available in just about any size you could possible need.


Available Sizes:


Project 365

Well I did go ahead and start a new blog for the photo a day idea I was talking about a couple of posts ago. I’ve been doing pretty good, one a day since I started and I’ve found that I love having my camera with me, there’s a lot more photo opportunities out there than you think. I haven’t done the about or contact form page yet but everything else seems to be working. Head on over and have a look at Project 365.

Blurry Blurry Blurry

Here’s a few recent shots that would have been great had they not turned out blurry due to improper camera technique.

Taken just up the street from us at the corner of 16th & Oak

Our neighborhood squirrel who only every sticks around long enough for blurry photos, he’ll let us open the door take a shot but never give us enough time to get a tripod set up. All our pictures of him look like this.

Simon’s new Dad Gone Mad t-shirt.

Poor Sleepy Simon

Hubby was so tired last night he fell asleep leaning against the wall, I only had enough time to get a shot with my palm pilot before he woke up again.


Best Buy Paris

Now I’m not one to usually harp on the celebs but I just thought this picture of Paris Hilton standing beside the Best Buy sign was fricking hilarious!!! I’ll let you all use your imaginations.






Synergy, originally uploaded by slide_76.

Well today was supposed to be our take pictures of everything around Vancouver day with Linz but seeing as we’re not great on getting our collective sh** together we managed to hit the North Shore just around sunset, which actually turned out great but it would have been nice to do a lot more picture taking today. I really like the way this one turned out and Simon’s all excited about the Synergy title, it’s him in the shot so I let him pic the title.

For more of how things developed today (I’m so funny) check out the rest of mine, Simon’s (not up yet) or Lindsay’s flickr pics or head over to our new Photo Group “The Poop in a Group” in honor of getting our collective shit together.

Dog Bag


Well this is one way to carry your dog, it sort of defeats the whole idea of taking the dog out for a walk now doesn’t it?

Baby Blues Cartoon


Kids are great!!!! (even in cartoons)

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