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Holy Crap

There’s only 10 minutes left in today to wip out a post, this one is not going to be anywhere near brilliant or insightful. Sunday night, that start of another week coming. Last week as per Suzanne’s orders I started going out on a daily walk, starting with just 10 minutes a day. I know it was only for a week but I swear I could feel a difference. Tomorrow we add another minute and do 11 minute walks for the next week. It’s amazing how once you get started you don’t want to loose the progress you’ve made and don’t want to just give up. Simon and I have vowed not to let one another talk ourselves out of going for our walks at night. I also want to spend some time browsing around sparkpeople to see what sort of help I can get there. The water drinking is still on target, must remember to take the glass out of the bathroom and wash it once in a while.

Next weekend we have another apartment re-organization planned, Simon is all a flustered about it, I’m excited. I’ve designed a new layout that I think will allow for first of all the addition of a stationary bike to our apartment but also solve some other little issues around the apartment. More next weekend on how that’s going.

Ok off to get some sleep, later.

Zippity Zip Zip

What an awesome time we had again today with our Zipcar rental.  We signed up about a month ago and this was our second time renting one of their cars.  Our car of choice this Saturday was a shiny new blue Toyata Matrix with all the bells and whistles.  Upon departure we headed out with no general destination in mind, after wandering about Kitsilano for a bit Simon decided he would like IHOP so off we went to Burnaby, holy traffic Batman, I think we spent an hour sitting in traffic for what turned out to be a mediocre breakfast.  When you don’t have a car though it’s not about the destination it’s more about the drive so we had a great time getting there.

On the way back to Vancouver we stopped in at London Drugs and was helped by this really awesome cashier, the kind of friendly person you just don’t see in retail anymore.  We chatted a bit while she was running through our stuff and found out that’s she’s been working there for 22 years, at the same location none the less.  To Bonny M, thank you for taking pride in your job and for being one of those rare cashiers that just brightens your day wherein you can’t help leaving the place with a smile on your face, and if you’re ever at the London Drugs on Kingsway I recommend you try and find her till first.

We finished off our rental time with a nice peaceful drive through Stanley Park where we stopped for a bit and just enjoyed being down by the Ocean, something we certainly don’t get to see enough of without a car.  It was a great day, lots of fun and it only lasted 5 hours.

Array Array Array

Wow I was just doing a little maintenance work in here today and I’ve got some really bad posts from back when I started this blog.  I need to work on not creating any more of that crap.  I lost interest in posting here several months back  so it’s good to be getting back into the swing of things.  Several months back I upgraded my wordpress installtion to whatever the latest version what at the time and created total mayhem that we were finally able to fix last night.  There is some conflict with the newer versions (haven’t tried the most recent 2.3.1) and our web server.  The main problem created was the appearance of the word Array ALL over my dashboard.  On the main site it has a page titled Array that did not exist when you went to manage pages.  I wasn’t able to access my themes, they were all listed but just that the template was missing and I wasn’t able to change themes anymore.  When you went to the plugins page there was an additional 15 or so plugins all with the name Array that didn’t exist anywhere else except on that page.  Finally when selecting the users tabs all I got was an error code.

Now because I hadn’t been posting here in a long time I wasn’t to worried about fixing things up, sure it was a nuisance and it was on my to do list but i wasn’t until I signed up for NaBloPoMo last night and realized that I couldn’t post anymore that we finally got serious about fixing the problem.   I had created a testing blog recently to see if the problem was just with this site and sure enough a fresh install came up with all the same array problems.  After mucking about in the database tables for a while and not really making any progress I finally got around the searching through the Wordpress forums.  I finally found a thread the was describing exactly the problems I was having, the only problem was the solutions were looking increasingly more complicated the further I read into it.  Just before shutting down the puter and heading of to bed I got the the last page and was presented with a very simple solution, just replace the line of text they showed with this altered one.  This had to be way to easy to work so I tried it out on the tester blog and sure enough it fixed the whole problem.  I’m so happy, weeeee, it’s fixed, I can post again.  If you’re having the problem described above and you’ve stumbled here trying to find a solution, go to the above link, you’ll be amazed at how easy of a solution it is.

Tomorrow’s Post:  A follow up to my post regarding the different types of bus drivers here in Vancouver, the many different types of riders. (Mom’s been asking for this post for a while now)


I’ve been meaning to get back to writing here again but as with everything I’ve just kept putting it off. Tonight I decided to join National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) in the hopes of building up a routine again. Yes I realize it’s actually 45 minutes into Nov. 2nd (too bad), just pretend you read this yesterday.

I know it’s a short start but it’s still a start. Things to come; Zipcar, The New Exercise Program, Apartment Reorganization time again, Upcoming tax season (maybe). Welcome Back.