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Array Array Array

Wow I was just doing a little maintenance work in here today and I’ve got some really bad posts from back when I started this blog.  I need to work on not creating any more of that crap.  I lost interest in posting here several months back  so it’s good to be getting back into the swing of things.  Several months back I upgraded my wordpress installtion to whatever the latest version what at the time and created total mayhem that we were finally able to fix last night.  There is some conflict with the newer versions (haven’t tried the most recent 2.3.1) and our web server.  The main problem created was the appearance of the word Array ALL over my dashboard.  On the main site it has a page titled Array that did not exist when you went to manage pages.  I wasn’t able to access my themes, they were all listed but just that the template was missing and I wasn’t able to change themes anymore.  When you went to the plugins page there was an additional 15 or so plugins all with the name Array that didn’t exist anywhere else except on that page.  Finally when selecting the users tabs all I got was an error code.

Now because I hadn’t been posting here in a long time I wasn’t to worried about fixing things up, sure it was a nuisance and it was on my to do list but i wasn’t until I signed up for NaBloPoMo last night and realized that I couldn’t post anymore that we finally got serious about fixing the problem.   I had created a testing blog recently to see if the problem was just with this site and sure enough a fresh install came up with all the same array problems.  After mucking about in the database tables for a while and not really making any progress I finally got around the searching through the Wordpress forums.  I finally found a thread the was describing exactly the problems I was having, the only problem was the solutions were looking increasingly more complicated the further I read into it.  Just before shutting down the puter and heading of to bed I got the the last page and was presented with a very simple solution, just replace the line of text they showed with this altered one.  This had to be way to easy to work so I tried it out on the tester blog and sure enough it fixed the whole problem.  I’m so happy, weeeee, it’s fixed, I can post again.  If you’re having the problem described above and you’ve stumbled here trying to find a solution, go to the above link, you’ll be amazed at how easy of a solution it is.

Tomorrow’s Post:  A follow up to my post regarding the different types of bus drivers here in Vancouver, the many different types of riders. (Mom’s been asking for this post for a while now)

Wordpress Update Day

I spent most of today backing up and updating all of our Wordpress databases, seven in total that I take care of. Sweeby does his own upgrading. In the process I cleaned up a lot of the clutter laying about our sites. So if anyone finds some glitches that I’ve created just let me know.

Project 365

Well I did go ahead and start a new blog for the photo a day idea I was talking about a couple of posts ago. I’ve been doing pretty good, one a day since I started and I’ve found that I love having my camera with me, there’s a lot more photo opportunities out there than you think. I haven’t done the about or contact form page yet but everything else seems to be working. Head on over and have a look at Project 365.

Countdown Plugin

Check out the new countdown plugin I’ve added to my sidebar.  Obtainable here.

Looking Back at Blogger

I had a quick urge to log into Blogger today because I couldn’t remember what their dashboard looked like, this led me to reading some old posts. I came across one where I begin to tackle changing over from blogger to MT;

So step 1) proceed to MT’s website 2)download appropriate software (this was a change but ok) 3) extract contents of said download 4) read installation instructions 5) freak out 6) turn of computer and go to bed.

Apparently my blog skills have improved over the last two years as we’ve now successfully set up more than half a dozen WordPress blogs.

New Intro Page

Well I finally got around to changing the main intro site, go have a look, you can now get to any of our blogs from there.


So So SO Frustrating!!!!

Earlier today I spent at least two hours futzing around with a web design trying to get the stupid damn thing to do what I wanted it to, all to no avail. I finally gave up around dinner time. Five minutes ago I set out on the process again to show Slimes what it was doing wrong to see if he could help and the stupid fricking thing worked on the first frickin try. It looked exactly as I was trying to get it too look when I spent hours on it earlier. AAaarrrrggggghhhh!!!

Another Test

More playing with feedburner.

Any ideas as to why when I use my wordpress RSS feed the images show up in my thunderbird but when I use the feedburner feed they don’t?

Feedburner Test

Playing around with the feedburner feed stuff.

New This, That and the Other

Wow there’s been a whole lot of new stuff the last few days, well not a whole lot but a few things, enough to keep us busy.

First and foremost the biggest of our new stuff is our new computer. Woohoo. We’ve been keeping and eye on the computer prices for the last month or so and the combination of a non-rent payday and a really good sale at best buy resulted in us coming home with a new computer last night. It’s so exciting, can’t say that I’ve ever actually purchased a new computer, they’ve always been hand me downs from Mom and Dad. So that felt pretty darn good, then we had to decide who got to use the new one. It came down to the fact that of our two current computers Simon’s was the slowest and the oldest so he got the new one. It’s not been easy and I’ve had moments of weakness but overall he’s spent most of the time on it without me trying to help (aka take over). Every time he goes to the bathroom, or does something in the kitchen I jump onto it and play around a bit more. It’s been fun. In case your wondering what we got here’s all the specs on CNET.

The other newness is During a moment of insanity I decided to register another domain, you can read about it on the blog I set up over there. You have to read it to understand why we went with that domain.

That’s actually it for new stuff, unless you count the groceries Simon just got back from the store with, but those are hardly blog worthy so I’ll move on. It just seems like more newness until you start writing about about it. OK I’m definitely rambling now, enough for tonight.

Oh yeah, there’s a couple of flickr picks to check out on the new puter.

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