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Back For A Pass

Back For A Pass, originally uploaded by Bobd-pg.

An excellent review of one of Dad’s photos just went up on The Radiant Vista, go and have a look everyone. Bob From Canada.

Well Done Dad.

Project 365

Well I did go ahead and start a new blog for the photo a day idea I was talking about a couple of posts ago. I’ve been doing pretty good, one a day since I started and I’ve found that I love having my camera with me, there’s a lot more photo opportunities out there than you think. I haven’t done the about or contact form page yet but everything else seems to be working. Head on over and have a look at Project 365.

Photo-A-Day Project

What a cool idea, found here, I would really love to take something like this on. Starting tomorrow I’m bringing my camera everywhere. This project has been made easier by the fact that I just purchased myself a new purse that’s actually big enough to hold everything (about time I did that). I’m thinking I’ll set up a separate blog to keep track of it, I might convert our photo blog because we’re really not doing a whole lot with it right now, or I could just start a whole new one because ya know WordPress updates aren’t already a pain in the butt, why not add one more. I’ll look into that tomorrow as it need to get up early for class/work tomorrow and need to get my beauty sleep (too late to start a new project tonight).

To get things off on the right foot, here’s a macro of the new purse:

New Purse

update: may have to delay, the battery in the camera is low and we seem to have temporarily misplaced the charger, oops.

Blurry Blurry Blurry

Here’s a few recent shots that would have been great had they not turned out blurry due to improper camera technique.

Taken just up the street from us at the corner of 16th & Oak

Our neighborhood squirrel who only every sticks around long enough for blurry photos, he’ll let us open the door take a shot but never give us enough time to get a tripod set up. All our pictures of him look like this.

Simon’s new Dad Gone Mad t-shirt.


Well I’m only a week behind but I finally took the time to upload our pictures from the HSBC Celebration of Lights show we went and saw last weekend. We didn’t actually go right downtown but found a spot on Broadway where you could see them. There was a few other people that showed up at the same area but I’m sure it was nowhere near as crowded had we gone downtown. This was the first time taking fireworks with our camera and the fireworks setting did a pretty good job. So aside from the pole that we didn’t really notice at the time we go some halfway decent shots. Head over to my latest flickr group set and have a look. We also took some video that turned out pretty good, I’ll see about post that on here too.




Set about to play around in photoshop today and came up with some interesting results, not in a good way though.

First there was the all black summer day:


Then we had it snowing at VanDusen:


This is of course the original:


Funky Photo Smear Technique


A funky way to create a palette with Photoshop and pretty much any photo you’ve got. Instructions over at Digital Photography Blogs.