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The Easy way to Peel an Egg

Must go boil an egg and try this.

Near…..Far !!!!

We’ll just continue with our YouTube day, here’s a Sesame Street classic.

There was this guy who sat behind me in class at CNC used to do an awesome Grover imitation, cracked me up all the time. That and the Monty Python squeaky drafting table, but that’s another story.



Amazing Voice

Head Illusion

Jeez even if you pause the video your brain won’t let you see it as hollow.

The Sims and Barenaked Ladies

In honor of all the Sims 2 I’ve been playing lately here’s a little something to keep you busy. (not done by me of course)

The Simpson’s Movie – Yeeeesssss!!!!

Have a look at the teaser trailer for the Simpsons movie coming out next July, I will so be there for that.

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Well apparently that link isn’t working anymore, digg effect. Here’s the YouTube version:

Rick Mercer Spoof

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