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Duke Black & White

Duke Black & White, originally uploaded by slide_76.

To an awesome dog, you will always be in our hearts.

2006 Christmas Observations

The Prince George Airport is not quite as sophisticated as the Vancouver Airport as demonstrated by the Tractor (yes a tractor, a green one!) pulling our luggage to the airplane.

When you use your most favorite t-shirts to ensure the pasta maker makes it home safely try and remember that before sending your husband on a mad search through the bedroom.

It doesn’t matter how many times we say no, Mom will continue to download those screen savers. This leading to at least a days worth of computer clean up when where in town.

What is the extra security advantage of putting my lighter in a ziploc baggy, seriously!

You, yes you, do not need extra time to board the plane, wait patiently like everybody else. Trust me they’re not going to leave without you.

And it Begins…

In and email from Mom yesterday,

The Christmas lights are on – yahoo. Next week we get the tree – double yahoo. Tonight I prepared the X-mas cookies – triple yahoo. “Oh what fun it is to bake, in a two dog house of cheers.”

LoL, See what we go through every Christmas.

Back For A Pass

Back For A Pass, originally uploaded by Bobd-pg.

An excellent review of one of Dad’s photos just went up on The Radiant Vista, go and have a look everyone. Bob From Canada.

Well Done Dad.

$10 Million Dreams

Ahhhh the things we could do with that much money, the possibilities are endless but here’s some of my top choices. The idea for this post wasn’t mine I came across it here and here, both of which are worth taking a look at.

  • Do something fun like going down to Broadway station for a day and hand out monthly passes to everyone you see, because riding the bus sucks or go downtown and hand out $100 to everyone that you see.
  • Buy ourselves a gorgeous house with an awesome kitchen.  It must overlook the ocean, Point Grey/Kitsilano area would be nice.  The more I think about it the I think I could probably just spend most of it on real estate if we tried.  It would also be great to get Mom & Dad a house down here as well as paying off their house in PG and getting ourselves something up there.  I’m not sure how much we’d spend up in PG but why not.
  • Give some to family and friends, of course.
  • Help out as many charities as we can.
  • Cars: there’s just so many vehicles that between the four of us (Me, Simon, Mom & Dad)that we could buy, too many to list, but oh the fun we could have shopping for them.
  • Buy some land for the Dog farm the Mom has always wanted to have.  Help as many as we can and then a few more.
  • Get a couple of dogs of our own.
  • Build and awesomely huge aquarium at our house.
  • Do some traveling, a European vacation would be fun, visit England, France and finally make my way to the town of Auray like I’ve always wanted to.
  • Buy the best Nikon D-whatever and take up photography on a serious basis.
  • Hire a maid and chef, because cleaning sucks and cooking is only fun once in a while.

Well that’s probably a good enough list to get started.  Feel free to add your own in the comments (that is if anybody still reads this).  Keep in mind that a lot of this would happen after we’d invested the majority of the winnings so as to set up an income with which to live off of and have fun dreaming about all the things you’d like to buy.

Poor Sleepy Simon

Hubby was so tired last night he fell asleep leaning against the wall, I only had enough time to get a shot with my palm pilot before he woke up again.


Birthday Time !!!!!!

3 zero

The big three-0 this year, ssshhhh don’t tell anyone!

Birthday cards I’ve received from unlikely sources: (only two so far)
1. Liquid Web (where is hosted)
2. Webshots (that was more of a marketing thing letting me know I get a discount on my birthday)

Cards From People who count: (so far – almost two hours past midnight)
1. Linz (yup your first Linz, woohoo)
2. Mom, Dad, Duke, Sandy & Uruku (Mom’s fish sitting) – I got both and on line and a snail mail card
3. And finally of course I got an awesome care from Hubby

Thanks to all of you, I love ‘em.

Mom & Dad sent me a gift that had 30 little presents in it, I’m going to line them up and get some shots later. I want to show off the stuff Hubby got me too. I’ll probably upload to flickr and add some notes to everything.

Gift giving me the most enjoyment right now: making the fish think the laser pointer is food and having them chase it around the tank, lol.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad

So on top of today being Mine & Sweeby’s 3rd anniversary it’s Mom & Dad’s 34th. Now after the great dedication I wrote to the Hubby I’m not too sure what to say here.

It’s a great pleasure to share the same anniversary day with them and I wish them all the best on their day. This is the first year that we haven’t been together to celebrate together so we’ve decided to celebrate together but separately. We’re going to go out for dinner in our own towns and obviously give a toast to each other while were out.

So Mom & Dad, we wish we were there to celebrate and Happy Anniversary.

Happy Anniversary to my Sweeby

Wow it’s been three years since we got married, amazing, and four and a half years since we started our journey together. I love you even more now than ever and thought I’d create a little list of things that I love about you or stuff that still impresses me.

  • I still see that look of love in your eyes that freaked me out early in our relationship which led me realize you were in it for the long run.
  • You still think of me while your at work.
  • You still don’t complain when I ask you to get me a glass of pop from the fridge.
  • Even though it’s cleverly hidden behind a pair of pants, you’ve got the cutest butt I’ve ever seen. (sorry if that’s too much info people)
  • You still laugh and can’t quite understand how someone who’s 6′ tall can be afraid of spiders.
  • You look past the times I freak you out by channeling my father.
  • You first thing you do when you come home at night is give me a kiss hello.
  • You get just as excited as I do by all thing geeky and gadgety. (we will never be able to have a best buy credit card)
  • You still tell me I’m beautiful.
  • Your just as much of a sap as I am.
  • You still let me bite your nose once in a while.
  • Your need to wash your hands immediately after eating chocolate.
  • Your inability to ask for help when you can’t reach something off the top shelf.
  • You still kiss me goodbye every morning, even though most times I’m too asleep to remember it.
  • The way your British accent comes out when you’re tired or you’ve just finished talking to one of your relatives.
  • Your cute little Simon dance.
  • Your refusal to let the wicker chair die a peaceful death, it’s time to let it go.
  • Your nightly attempt to get your underwear into the laundry basket using only your feet.
  • Your unwavering belief that I actually make better coffee than you.
  • How when counting something on your fingers, your ring finger is last and not your pinky.
  • How you keep reminding me to water the tree in the closet when you’re super tired.
  • The way you must keep the wrapper on when eating a chocolate bar.


I love you Baby, Happy 3rd Anniversary.

The Family Stone

Wow a whole lot of posting today! We just finished watching The Family Stone. It was totally not what I was expecting it to be but turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. If you haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend it. Warning you will need some Kleenexes nearby so be prepared.

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