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google reader you will be leaving us soon, definitely disappointed at the loss

have not found a replacement that makes me happy yet

digg i’m placing all my eggs in your basket, please don’t disappoint

my last resort is going back to thunderbird, will miss the ios and online features of greader

digg, i’m waiting with an open mind.

How did you treat your last waiter/waitress?

“A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter, or to others, is not a nice person.” A good article on top CEOs can see a person’s character on how they treat people on the lower end of the ladder.

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In What Language do Deaf People Think?

An interesting column on how the prelingually deaf think since they’ve never been exposed to spoken language.

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Real Life Simpsons Intro

Someones gone and remade the Simpsons Intro in real life, really well done too. Check it Out on YouTube.

Yahoo Throws in the Towel – Google Wins

Yahoo! has given up on the quest for search dominance. Yahoo! Inc., one of the first Internet search companies, has capitulated to Google Inc. in the battle for market dominance.

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Search for Flickr-Photos by drawing sketches

What an awesome idea with many possibilities, I seem to get the best results when I include pink in my sketches. It’s a little slow but well worth waiting for.
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Camera Mail

Buy disposable camera. Address to friend far away. See what develops.

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The End Of Copyright

A very well written article on the end of the copyright system as we know it. Although I don’t agree with some parts it definately makes some very good points.

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