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New This, That and the Other

Wow there’s been a whole lot of new stuff the last few days, well not a whole lot but a few things, enough to keep us busy.

First and foremost the biggest of our new stuff is our new computer. Woohoo. We’ve been keeping and eye on the computer prices for the last month or so and the combination of a non-rent payday and a really good sale at best buy resulted in us coming home with a new computer last night. It’s so exciting, can’t say that I’ve ever actually purchased a new computer, they’ve always been hand me downs from Mom and Dad. So that felt pretty darn good, then we had to decide who got to use the new one. It came down to the fact that of our two current computers Simon’s was the slowest and the oldest so he got the new one. It’s not been easy and I’ve had moments of weakness but overall he’s spent most of the time on it without me trying to help (aka take over). Every time he goes to the bathroom, or does something in the kitchen I jump onto it and play around a bit more. It’s been fun. In case your wondering what we got here’s all the specs on CNET.

The other newness is During a moment of insanity I decided to register another domain, you can read about it on the blog I set up over there. You have to read it to understand why we went with that domain.

That’s actually it for new stuff, unless you count the groceries Simon just got back from the store with, but those are hardly blog worthy so I’ll move on. It just seems like more newness until you start writing about about it. OK I’m definitely rambling now, enough for tonight.

Oh yeah, there’s a couple of flickr picks to check out on the new puter.

Fish, sleeping

Fish, sleeping

Originally uploaded by Matt McGee.

Fish tank looks pretty good with all white rocks on the bottom, might have to keep that in mind the next time I go to the fish store. Give my fishies a drastic change to their house.

Silly Fishies

A while ago we got some platies from Lindsay, they turned out to be three males, well there was originally four but the female didn’t survive the onslaught of the other three males. For those who don’t know platies are live-bearers meaning they reproduce roughly the same way we do (as opposed to laying eggs). So my three males platies are perpetually horny and just swim around all day doing they’re little side swipe version of “getting it on”. It’s not really a productive dance as there’s no females but it’s funny to watch.

Lately the other fish in my tank (scissor-tail rasboras, sp???) are starting to copy this side swipe motion which they have obviously learned from the platies. It’s pretty funny to watch as they are not live bearers and as far as I know does nothing for them.

This is the dysfunction of my fish tank, just thought I’d share.

fish, tank