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Way Behind on the Daily Quotes

Well everyday they come in and I just leave them on my phone with the hopes of posting them at night. I now have 24 on my phone so here goes.

“Feed your curiosity. Explore new subjects and options today.”
“Pay very close attention to your heart when it comes to making a big decision.”
“Go ahead and splurge on something you desire. Treat yourself.”
“Get Wild. Unleash your artistic side. It’s been reined in for far too long.”
“You’ve got a sparkle in your eye that no one can resist today.”
“Make an effort to learn something new at every opportunity.”
“You could make a party out of a paper hat and a cupcake. Now that’s talent.” I like this one, just need a cupcake and paper hat, that’s it.
“Got your big sunglasses and hat ready? You’re about to be the focus of all eyes.”
“Overcoming your insecurities helps you connect better with others.” True for everyone, not just Leo’s
“They should call your brain inspiration point. You’ve got ideas aplenty.” Woohoo
“You are bountiful, beautiful, and blissful. Act with grace and poise.”
“Your usual modesty makes you hesitate when it comes to a big decision.”
“Simple courtesies and a bright smile get you in everywhere.”
“Have a potluck dinner. What a great way to see all your friends.” RRRight, like we can get more than about 4 people in our apartment.
“Hope is not lost. You need to have confidence in a positive outcome.” I try
“Make sure that sensitivity and compassion are your guides today.”
“Rrrowr? You’re the absolute ruler of the jungle — that’s never been in doubt.”
“Serve others and you will maintain the great power you have.” This would seem to conflict with the ruler of the jungle one
“For a celebrity sighting, look in the mirror? You’re a star — and you know it.” Okie Dokey
“Your good looks will get you in the door with anyone and everyone.”
“Fake it until you make it — be confident. You’ll think of something when it’s time.”
“Been watching your money? Great news — you’re closer to your goal than you thought.” Yeah more money
“Slow down and appreciate what you have. Relax and enjoy today.”

Well that’s the whole slew of them, I left one or two out as they weren’t appropriate. I like the last one the best.

(not so) Daily Quote

Well I’ve got 9 of them sitting in my phone waiting to put up daily, so instead I’m just going to use the best one.

“Unexpected opportunities come your way today. Be on the lookout.”


Good one today,

“Irresistable doesn’t even begin to describe you right now. Let the good times roll.”

Daily Blurb

I get some cute little “horoscopes” from either Yahoo or MSN mobile on my phone daily. So I thought I’d start sharing the ones that I like, and if they relate to my life in anyway. I don’t really look at them as a horoscope because they are so short, but more as an inspirational quote for the day. Oh Yeah, I’m a Leo, for those who don’t know.


“You’ve got a friend. In fact, you’ve got several. You’re one lucky lion? Yahoo?”

Previous ones I’ve hung onto:

“Like peanut butter and chocolate, you are a great combo with you-know-who”
“You’re the delicious candy center covered in a fun chocolate shell.”
“Just by having fund fun and being yourself, love will flourish for you.”
“The more you procrastinate the harder it will be to get started.”

And one of my favorite quotes: (from elsewhere)

Remember the past, dream about the future, but live for today