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Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods


google reader you will be leaving us soon, definitely disappointed at the loss

have not found a replacement that makes me happy yet

digg i’m placing all my eggs in your basket, please don’t disappoint

my last resort is going back to thunderbird, will miss the ios and online features of greader

digg, i’m waiting with an open mind.


So so tired, just want to go back home and go to sleep.  Don’t think it’s busy enough at work to get any momentum going.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oops sorry.

The countdown will now begin, only 26 more sleeps until my holidays start.  Can’t wait.

Please someone get me a pillow so I don’t fall asleep on my desk and hurt my head.

Hmmm, may need to have my thyroid levels checked again.

Tax Forms

Read this article today,

Totally outraged but not for the same reason as the writer.

Can I just remind people that seniors are old, not stupid and last time I checked most could figure out how to operate a telephone.

The government is actually trying to do some good and save paper and we poo poo all over it.


Not a Morning Person


Cacher Stats





Another Test

Here be Orange McFishy again.

What the Heck

Apparently only Simon exists as a user on my blog now, must go find myself.


Be nice if I started writing long posts like that again.  Maybe next week.

Just Testing

The old blog suffered a catastrophic fail the other day, seems to be back up and running now.  Just testing a new post.

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