Main Weblog

Just somewhere for me to ramble incoherently, rant and rave a bit, and sometimes make a little sense.

Flickr Account

Just me pretending that I'm a photographer.

Project 365

One photo a day for 365 days. Pictures are taken by both me and the hubby. I'm not doing so good on the once a day part so it's more just a photoblog now.

Walka Blogga

A group effort created to help each other in our pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Tester Blog

Just another wordpress blog where we test out new themes and plugins, we don't actually write anything on this one, just keep it to play with so we don't wreck our regular blogs.


Bundah Blog

Sweeby's personal blog; a large amount of time has gone into plugins, links and getting it to look and do exactly what he wants. Content slowly appearing now.

Flickr Account

Simon's turn to pretend.

Personal Blog

Sweeby's private blog, this is where he keeps his own personal links and such that are just for him. If you ask nicely he may let you see it. Maybe.

Christmas Memories

A blog based around the Christmas Memories Flickr Pool, anyone can join and post your favorite Christmas Memory.

Multiple Domains

All of Simon's sites can be reached using dauray.com, bundah.com or bundah.ca

Orange McFishy

Main Blog

This is one of those spur of the moment domains. I bought it just because I felt like it one day and it's also given us a chance to try out A Small Orange web hosting, whereas Dauray is hosted with Liquidweb.

Secret Blog

This is my most recent blog and is not currently available to the public as it's a work in progress. It will be revealed and accessible when the time is right.